Dictac was launched on Facebook in 2020 as the most downloaded app in the world


10 ago 2021 21:36 GMT

Only Chinese use exists in the top five places that do not belong to the empire of Mark Zuckerberg.

Digtok, a short video service owned by a Chinese company Bite Dance, Surpasses Facebook to become the world’s most downloaded application by 2020, Reports Nicky quotes data from digital analytics firm App Annie.

The Chinese service has become the only app of Facebook-owned ‘Top 5’ to include that social network and both WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger in its portfolio, which has been at the forefront of that classification since its inception in 2018.

Even the rise of Dictok could not be stopped Order The executive was released in August 2020 by then-US President Donald Trump, in which the company was requested Sell ​​your business Provision of services in the United States or in that country may be prohibited for security reasons in the use of data. The move was then Canceled By his successor Joe Biden at the White House.

The popularity of the Chinese app, which is globally accessible in 2018, soared in the middle of last year Social control Due to the Govt-19 epidemic, TicTac has become increasingly popular in Asia, South America and the United States. Downloaded Further 2 billion timesAccording to the sensor tower.

The ‘ranking’ of 10 leaders in the download is completed by Snapshot, Telegram, Like, Pinterest and Twitter.

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