Falcao has been ruled out of the Sao Paulo and Mexican leagues in Brazil: higher salaries complicate it | Colombians abroad

Falcao’s future is one of those Turkish export novels: he knows he will not continue in Galatasaray because he wants to save his file, but everything from that is pure uncertainty.

Colombians are likely to return to Spain, especially Mallorca, MLS, Mexico and Brazil. But returning to the United States every day is very difficult.

In fact, last time Sao Paulo uttered a club that he was supposed to be interested in, but it was fair to deny that version.

Carlo Belmond, the team’s football director, said the Colombians were never in the plans: “It’s not possible, we have not met Falcao or anyone around him,” he said.

Why not? It’s like five million reasons. That is the salary that the attacker in Kaladasare receives and should be given to anyone who believes they should keep him on their team.

For that reason, he declined to come to Mexico, where it was said that the United States, Tigris, UANL and Montreal could be invited to bid for ‘El Tigre’. However, no numbers were given to a player with a significant history of aging and injuries. Although recently the player seems to be blinking at the ‘Eagles’, even though Quail says it is the most important club in the country, it seems that it is not enough.

An old nostalgia for Inter Miami and David Beckham was talked about but the MLS option never took shape. But the season is rolling in and no more additions are planned.

Thus, Falcao is still trapped in Galatasaray who does not want revenge and Agent George Mendes is looking for options to continue in Europe, which will be the A plan. Real interest and a lot, a lot of money to make up for any shortcomings.

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