George Gallix promises that they have created an invincible formula

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

An invincible formula confirms the lawyer George Gallix Who created the party Freedom and Reconstruction (Free) Next to the party Salvador Nasrallah And Doris Goodress.

“Everyone is going to support the representatives and mayors of their respective political parties, but we will all vote Siomara Castro de Zelaya for the presidency, ”Celix told the media.

According to the Congress sub Free For the first time Honduras had a woman in the presidency.

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“We have developed an invincible formula … I can tell you that the days of the National Party are numbered Honduras He is preparing to elect a woman president for the first time.

As for the past fighting between the two political movements, Salix He promised that arrogance would be set aside because it was important to fight for the good of the country.

“Our interest begins with the restructuring of Honduras, the repeal of the Penal Code, the set and the hourly employment. We have a very clear vision,” he concluded.

This Wednesday SalvadorThe leader of the Salvador Party (PSH) in Honduras has rejected his candidacy to join Liberian presidential candidate Siomara Castro.

The engineer is the first presidential nominee in the Siomara-led coalition. Doris Gutierrez joins third presidential nomination, thus proving union Innovation and Unity Party (Binu)Renato Florentino when second appointed.

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