Full Training Staff Concerned About Safety As Tested – Cleveland Browns Free Game Scribbles

Cleveland, Ohio – While the Browns are playing in Tennessee, here are some worrying free game scribbles.

1. Yes, this game worries me. Because both the Titans offense (and the Browns defense) care about me. Even if Browns had Denzel Ward (calf) and Ronnie Harrison (shoulder) on the field, I would be worried. Instead of coming from a physically drained experience with COVID-19 I would worry if Miles Carrot is 100 percent physical.

2. I worry, because Tennessee can go to the quick lead and suddenly Browns will feel the urge to start blowing all over the field. This will be a test for head coach and sports convener Kevin Stephensky. The two games I thought he had lost his first run mentality were the way they were in Pittsburgh (38-7) and Baltimore (38-6).

3. So Stephensky will be tested, especially if the Titans have a 10 point lead. That might happen because I don’t see the defense being able to face the Titans.

4. If all the Titans had driven the ball with Derrick Henry (1,257 yards fast) it would have been a significant challenge. But the other concern is Ryan Danhill, who has emerged as the top-10 cub.

5. What makes Browns safety better? Compulsory income. Here’s the problem: Tennessee has made five breakthroughs all season. This is the NFL. Danehill has 23 DT passes compared to the four interceptions. The Titans have only lost one stumble.

6. The Browns need one of the strip-sack plays that transform the game from carot. He had four this season. But Garrett talks about fatigue and viral problems, “It kicked my butt.” Garrett said he was fine. … I came.”

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7. Garrett insisted he just planned to play a lot, “and I don’t think there will be any fall.” If that’s true, Browns has a chance. Especially if fellow defensive end Oliver Vernon can maintain his latest game. Vernon had three sacks and tackled Carson Vents of Philadelphia for a defense. That was two weeks ago. Last week, he had no excuses, but a pair of QB wins at Mike Glennon in Jacksonville.

8. Browns has some big money on the defensive line. I’m talking about Shelton Richardson, Larry Okunjobi, Adrian Clayborn and Vernon and Garrett. They not only put pressure on the QB, but also protect the flow.

9. Dunhill was fired 16 times. Baker Mayfield was fired 17 times. The two offenses are similar in terms of power-running sports, the zonal prevention program and the fair defense of the QB. The difference is Danehill NFL’s Sixth Rated.

10. Titans A.J. Brown and Corey Davis have two playmaking receivers. Tight end Jon Smith caught seven DT passes, but he came out with an injury. As Joe Woods, Browns defensive coordinator, said: “Everything (Henry) goes through. They operate at a high level. When you worry about stopping the flow, you create large (passing) windows. … (Danehill) He does a great job of creating the plays he needs to do when he decides to throw it. ”

Kareem Hunt and Nick Soup have been at the heart of Browns offense all season. Joshua Thug, Cleveland.com

11. Well, you get the point. Browns defense will probably be a long afternoon. But as one executive told me, Tennessee is vulnerable. Playing their special teams is sometimes confusing. Their security is OK, but not great.

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12. Titans coaching staff have been praising Browns throughout the week, especially Nick Soup and Kareem Hunt. The Titans are number one in speed and the Browns are number two. Tennessee coach Mike Wrappel noted how Hunt and Soup did not stumble. The same is true for Henry.

13. The Browns need to control the game In crime, long drivers chewing the clock and pushing the Cleveland defense off the field. Tennessee have lost three games. The Steelers (27-24) and the Golds (34-17) dropped them. Both are winning teams. But Joe Burrow still lost 31-20 Bengal while playing QB.

14. In other words, these are not failed steelers. Four times this season, the Titans have given up at least 30 points. That’s how the Browns can win. Mayfield needs them sub and hunt to dominate the ground by connecting some timely passes. Tennessee defense allows more yards (394) than Cleveland (372).

15. For the Browns to win, they need one of those 35-30 shootouts. Cleveland have scored at least 30 points in five games this season. But I don’t have a good feeling about this game. My guess: Titans 31, Browns 20.

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