Keys to LAFC’s loss against Lyon in the CONCACAF Champions League final

LAFC Coming into the second leg of the ConcaChampions final against Lyon with a disadvantage on the scoreboard, he did his thing and secured victory at the BMO Stadium, returning the trophy to the Mexican side. The Black & Gold couldn’t come back to cement their local status and let go of a chance to be crowned Concacaf Champions League.

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After a poor first leg in Mexico, the score ended up being ‘cheap’, as it did not reflect the chances Lyon had conceded. LAFC wants to reassess the situation and shake hands Carlos Candle And Dénis Bouanga managed to lift the trophy. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles team, fortune did not smile on them and they fell at home.

Keys to LAFC’s defeat in Concacaf Champions League final

Initial failures

Denis Bounga missed a golden opportunity just 2 minutes into the game After a great diagonal from Palacios, Gabonis was unable to connect the forward goal that would have changed the course of the match. Subsequently, Aaron Long also let the goal go on 10 minutes, missing a header after a great pass from Carlos Vela.

Leon signed his first visit

Ivan Moreno was in charge of orchestrating a brilliant counterattack for the Mexican side that ended with Lucas Di Yorio combining with goalkeeper McCarthy to score, but the shot was not strong enough.However, he managed to defeat the American.

Carlos Vela passed away

The LAFC captain couldn’t help himself, neither in the first leg nor at home; The Mexican knew his club was committed to giving them the international title they craved along with a ticket to the Club World Cup.

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After a terrible free-kick collection on the edge of the area, Vela came off the bench in the 64th minute, and in addition, he ended up with a yellow card.

Statistics failed

Steve Cerundolo went out with Chiellini, Denis Bounga and Carlos Vela in the starting eleven, hoping the team’s statistics could be on the scoreboard to overcome the tie and win the Concachampions title.

however, Gabonis was the striker with the most tries or saves as he scored the only goal in the overall score for the Black & Gold.In addition, a few minutes before the end, an individual play was created with a cut and a tunnel, but his shot was deflected from the goal.

Little or no resolution

Throughout the tie, LAFC came out with little conviction and didn’t face games with the intensity of the CONCACAF Champions League final, which cost them the title and a ticket to the Club World Cup.

For his part, Largamon completely overturned Steve Cerundolo’s strategyNot finding a way to change the situation.

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