Dictator Nicolás Maduro arrives in Saudi Arabia

After visiting Turkey, Venezuela’s King Abdul Aziz made a surprise arrival at the International Airport.

President of Venezuela Nicolás MaduroHe arrived this Sunday on an official visit Saudi Arabia, He would hold meetings there King Salman bin Abdulaziz and with eCrown Prince Mohammed bin SalmanChavista Regime Report.

“Maduro arrived at the King Abdulaziz International Airport located in Jeddah, the second most important city in Saudi Arabia, with a work agenda. Strengthening political, diplomatic and energy alliances”, he pointed out via Twitter.

In the same publication, the dictatorship attached a video showing the reception of the Venezuelan president, who was accompanied by his wife, Deputy Celia Flores, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Communications, Juan Gil and Freddy Ñáñez.

This is Savista’s third visit to Saudi Arabia It is, according to the executive, “a sign of friendship that binds the two countries.”

At the end of 2021, during a meeting in Caracas between the then Vice Minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, Gabaya Rodríguez, and the ambassador of the accredited Asian country, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia agreed to reaffirm their cooperation and fraternal ties. Caribbean country, Saad Al Saad.

The two countries have maintained bilateral relations since 1952 and have signed cooperation programs in sectors such as oil.

Maduro traveled to Turkey on Friday, where he participated in an inauguration ceremony Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he began his third term, from where he left for Saudi Arabia. During his visit to Ankara, the Venezuelan dictator surprised himself by attending the Turkish president’s Muslim prayer at his inauguration.

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Venezuela He was sitting with his wife in the front row of the Assembly Hall of the Ankara Presidential Palace. Cilia flowers. Just before the act ended, the religious ceremony began. Everyone stood up on the stage. Some sat in the audience of more than 80 world leaders, including the NATO Secretary General. An official camera ran down the front row to find out who was praying. Among them were the Chavista dictator and his wife.

Maduro and Flores simultaneously held on to translation headphones as both followed the prayer and rested their hands in their laps, palms up, like the rest of the Muslim faith, including Erdogan, who followed the lead of Ali Erbaz. Turkish Muslim scholar and the country’s minister of religious affairs.

The Venezuelan dictator and his wife Celia Flores attended the prayer in Ankara

Maduro’s world tour began last Sunday in Brasilia. Lula da Silva welcomed the Venezuelan dictator in an attempt to break isolation rejected for his brutal human rights abuses.

Lula said there were accusations of autocracy Ripe They were a “fabricated story” that provoked strong reactions from his counterparts in Uruguay, Luis Lagalle Bove, and Chile, Gabriel Boric. “The worst thing we can do is cover the sun with a finger,” Lakal Poe said. “The human rights situation in Venezuela is not a narrative construct, it is a reality,” Boric said.

On his return to Caracas, before leaving for Turquiev, Ripe He hailed the Brasilia summit with regional presidents as a “certain step in the right direction” for reunification between South American governments.

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With information from EFE

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