The medical license of Steven Ladoulip, an Oregon doctor who mocked the masks, has been suspended

“How many problems have there been in our clinic since then?” He asked. “Zero! Absolutely not.”

Ladulip’s license to practice medicine is now suspended.

Explains the suspension In the order written on Friday, The Oregon Medical Board, said Ladolip’s hatred of public health measures went beyond the fact that employees go without a mask. The Dallas-based Dallas not only failed to take basic precautionary measures, the board said, but his bad example “actively promotes the spread of the virus within the extended community.” The board alleges that Latouli misunderstands patients – especially the elderly and children, with warnings that wearing a mask is “extremely dangerous” and can lead to serious health problems.

The board’s suspension order states that Ladolip’s conduct is “contrary to medical ethics and may endanger or endanger the health or safety of the public.” It accuses him of “extreme negligence”.

The Washington Post was not immediately available for comment on Saturday evening.

Latulip begins with a state board list of concerns July consultation for a patient. According to the board, Latulip told the patient that wearing a mask would not prevent the spread of the corona virus and advised against isolation because exposure to others would give the patient immunity to Covit-19.

The board says the person “stopped being a patient” a few weeks later after questioning Latoulip’s advice.

Ladolip asked people entering his clinic to remove their masks and sent people to a YouTube video with false information. The Board rejects the doctor’s claim that masks can harm people by increasing the level of carbon dioxide: “The amount of carbon dioxide re-inhaled into a mask is negligible,” says the license suspension order.

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A board investigator who visited Ladolip’s clinic on Wednesday said the order stated that there were no corona virus screening activities such as lack of masks, temperature warming and hand washing in the waiting area. Carbon dioxide poisoning was a warning to the audience about the “warning signs”.

Many scientific studies Leaders have found that new infections are particularly prevalent after people are advised to wear masks regularly. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Testified before the Senate In September, masks became “the most important, powerful public health tool we have” to combat the disease.

Ladolip defends his position in public, NBC News reports In a recent interview, he believes there is “bad science” behind the mask-wearing recommendations. Speaking at a Salem meeting of Trump supporters last month to rally around false claims about a stolen election, Ladoulip said he wanted to expose the “corona mania” and that the corona virus was “with us forever.”

He is not the only health worker facing the consequences of an approach that rejects viral and public health precautionary measures.

The Oregon nurse was placed on administrative leave last month after boasting at Dictok that she should not wear a mask outside of work. As online recession mounts, Salem Health a Report The nurse “showed attention to the severity of the infection and her negligence in physical dissociation and concealment of work.”

Marissa ID contributed to this report.

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