From the bathtub! The Sequis Riviera is nothing

Really spectacular! Singer Sequis Rivera He shocked his followers on Instagram after he bravely moved the naughty camera in the bathtub. The Daughter of Jenny Rivera Realizing that he needed nothing to show for everything, he was not like before without any fines.

Johnny Marin Rivera She went down to the bathroom, only a stained glass door separated the camera from her entire curved figure completely clear. The video was shared on the official Instagram account Composer Lets see a lot of skin Sequis Rivera.

To make the image more attractive, the American celebrities He misted the glass and filled that space with steam to blur his anatomy. On the door he engraved a large heart, indicating that it was a record Sequis Rivera With the utmost affection on his loyal fans.

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The video makes it clear that even though the door is dim, it really is Female entrepreneur, Who is standing and in profile, is very comfortable and allows all his curves to be captured by the camera lens.

Sequis Rivera shared this video an hour ago and has already surpassed 10,000 reactions on the popular social network. With pictures, Johnny Marin He shared a powerful message of self-love in which no one should point out what size clothes you should have, no matter what your body size, it is so beautiful, you should love and hug more than anyone.

Repost from H Sikhism: Love, cuddle, and love your body. Don’t let anyone dictate the size of clothing you “should be”. #beeCONFIDENT (Re-edition of hSQVIS: Love your body, hug and appreciate it. No one should dictate the size of the dress you “should be.” #beeCONFIDENT)

Plans for now Ex-wife of Lorenzo Montes They did not take much time to come to the comment box, some of them pointed out that I should open the door, to reveal more; Others pointed out that they would help him by carving his back if he wanted to. In short, the star fell for the heart and praise.

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Check out Sikwis’ video Here

2020 and 2021 were very difficult for many, including this beautiful writer. 2020 marked her life not only because of Govt-19, but because it reached her home, where she and her husband, a former singer of La Original, fell ill. This moment seems to unite the couple more than ever; However, then came the separation.

A few months after officially pointing out the procedure for separation, it has already been announced that Seguiz Rivera is a free woman and that he and Lorenzo Mundes are divorced.

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The split of the stars revealed an advance agreement in which Rivera was described as having acquired the house, cars and other things they lived in before they got married. Many controversies arose when it was alleged that there was a restriction in this practice that a couple could not access each other; However, they were caught together before the divorce was signed.

In the midst of rumors of reconciliation and a pregnancy, pictures came out of which Sequis and Lorenzo were generally very calm and happy; However, this is not a reconciliation, but a way to forgive each other and stay in a good way.

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