“American plane arrived in America this Thursday morning with soldiers and cargo” | Daily list

The US Air Force aircraft arrived in the country on Thursday morning from Germany through the Jose Francisco Pena Gomes International Airport in Las Americas. With American soldiers and cargo, The reason for the visit was not disclosed.

The flight landed after 10.00 am on Thursday. Amid heavy security On the north-west side of the airport terminal ramp.

The flight is monitored by members of government agencies and service security personnel in the ramp area.

At the airport, there are no officials from state security agencies or immigration authorities They wanted to provide details of passengers and cargo carried by the aircraft.

“It’s state security and we don’t have any information about the passengers or the cargo that the plane brought,” said a military intelligence service officer assigned to the Las Americas terminal.

Apart from that, the airport security personnel do not allow journalists assigned at the airport to approach the aircraft for taking photographs.

The arrival of the plane is handled with great secrecy From civil and military authorities.

From a discreet distance, LISTÍN DIARIO reporters could see US military personnel boarding and disembarking the plane, which was parked about 500 meters from the airport facilities.

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