OpenAI disbanded its team dedicated to mitigating the risks of artificial intelligence within a year.

While introducing its most advanced AI, GPT-4o, OpenAI disbanded its group Working on AI Security and Tuning (GETTY).

OpenAI removed it Supergroup, dedicated to reducing the long-term risks of artificial intelligence (AI). This event occurs one week after launch GPT-4oYour sample AI Most advanced to date. As reported WiredThe committee was formed and led in July 2023 Ilya Sutzkever And John Leake.

Disbandment of the team Overview Its leaders arrived a few days later, Schutschaver And Like, will announce their resignation on social media. In his statement, Sutskever expressed confidence that “OpenAI will make AGI safe and beneficial” under the current leadership. He added that he is excited about a new project that he considers “personally significant,” though he did not provide further details about it.

Leek, for his part, explained X He left because of disagreements over the company's fundamental priorities, saying security and processes had been undermined by “shiny products”. He noted that his team was struggling for computational resources critical to his research, making it difficult to accomplish their work.

As explained CNBCTeam Overview Using 20% ​​of the computing power, the superintelligence was tasked with solving the fundamental technical challenges of alignment within four years. OpenAI. These include misuse of technology, economic disruption, misinformation, bias and discrimination, addiction and overdependence.

Following resignations and team disbandment, some members were transferred to other teams OpenAI. NBC News An anonymous source confirmed these transfers. However, when the company was contacted for comment, it only suggested the latest release Sam Altman Inside XThere he lamented the departure of the league and noted that the organization still had a lot of work to do.

Chutskever hopes that OpenAI will create a safe and effective AGI (REUTERS/Amir Cohen).

Chutzkever and the league's departure are reminiscent of the leadership crisis he experienced OpenAI Last November, the company's board was dismissed AltmanThis triggered a chain reaction that included resignations and resignation threats by employees and investors alike Microsoft.

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Sutzkever, who played a key role in Altman's ouster, later expressed regret for participating in the event.

The manager was inside though OpenAI As Chief Scientist, he no longer sits on the Board of Directors. After his announced departure, Altman commented: X: “It saddens me greatly; “Ilya is easily one of the brightest minds of our generation, a guiding light in our field, and a dear friend.” Similarly, the Chief Administrative Officer was also appointed Jakub Pachoki as his successor as Chief Scientist.

Business Insider He highlighted the news that the team will be disbanded Overview And the resignations of Chutskever and League coincided with the introduction of new products OpenAI. The company issued an update for the model GPT-4 and desktop version ChatGPTWith an improved user interface and new video chat capabilities.

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