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The presidential candidate, these days, has made many meetings with young people. He has talked to them about the environment and entrepreneurship.

Communication with the youth on entrepreneurship, the environment and women’s rights is the way for the CREO-PSC coalition presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso to launch his campaign in the second round of elections.

These days he has had many encounters with young people. His communications team said yesterday that he had planned to talk to them via zoom. Previously it was in five media, including radio and television.

Guillermo Lasso: Politics is the practice of dialogue, the search for understanding

Last Tuesday he starred in a section called Meeting Point during a live broadcast from his Facebook account. It was accompanied by a young woman who even answered personal questions such as internship, rural education, bachelor’s choice and what was her parents ’best memory.

He said his idea was to abolish the Senate and give young people the freedom to choose a career to study. He promised to promote internet coverage and promote integrated tele-education.

But they are not the only ones meeting. He spoke last Monday with a group of 18- to 27-year-olds, some informal vendors and others concerned about environmental policy.

Last night, he met with Raவுl Delcado, president of the Lasso Ecuadorian Association of Municipalities (AME), who invited him to attend the union assembly next week.

Delcado gave him a letter on three issues: Govt-19 vaccines, then rent and insecurity.

Lasso promised to answer their concerns and agreed to attend the meeting of mayors. (I)

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