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Sergio Garrido, the newly elected governor of the province of Barinas, speaks to reporters this Monday, January 10th.Rainer Pena r. (EFE)

With Electoral victory in new elections Summoned to the state of Parinas, the Venezuelan resistance achieved an unexpected feat with an enormous index, which rearranged its troops and allowed it to partially repair the internal cracks resulting from disaster management.

Panorama of forces competing against Nicholas Maduro With all its problems, it is fraught with serious dilemmas that continue to confuse the face of a government organized in the regions with the support of the revolutionary state, conveniently occupying power and maintaining an oil-soaked militant morality. But the recession of the advantage gained by rival Sergio Garrido over the former president George Areza It provides democratic militancy, at the very least, with provocative reasons and elements of judgment to go through a new beginning.

The opposition’s victory marks the end of a long dynasty under the regional command of the late commander’s family – ruled by Hugo de los Reyes Chavez, the father of the former president since 1999; Then sculpted with the support of his brothers Adon and Argenis-, and most of the parties facing Maduro. With this defeat, Chavismo loses one of its iconic Fifthomes, despite the massive mobilization of military personnel, ministers and national leaders under the undeniable protection of Miraflores Palace in Caracas. For others, the scale of the advantage made it more difficult for the ruling party to ignore its rivals.

“From General Chavez’s speech, he stressed that he would return to his hometown as an old man. Parinas After the indefinite rule of Venezuela, this variant of military feudalism was nurtured, which naturally blended into the national years, ”said Elias Pino Idurieta, a leading intellectual, writer and historian. “It simply came to our notice then. More or lessThe significance of this landslide victory in Barinas is a historic blow to the republic and an abuse of power, “he added.

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The outcome of these elections also creates an important clarity in the internal debate within the opposition: the thesis, which acknowledges the joint election strategy for the next presidential election in 2024, strengthens again and further weakens the intent of doubling. Resistances of power factors chavismo Through a protracted political breakdown between 2017 and 2021.

“I believe this is a real second chance for the opposition to reaffirm the electoral path against those who hold dictatorial power in the country,” said Nigmer Evans, a political scientist, activist and director of the information portal. Cutting point. “Rafael Carito’s victory over Jorge Areza is possible because of the internal contradictions within the ruling party within Parinas and the greatest possible unity of the Democrats. It does not have to be complete. And A Nuevo Tiempo) It would be a great mistake to claim to be the defender of this victory. “

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Laure Nicotra, a well-known journalist, commentator and radio presenter from Barinas, made a vicious tactical mistake by forcing Chavismo to repeat the November 21 election results unknowingly. The other is a difference of more than 14 points. “Jorge Areza is not from Barinas, he does not live here. The great defeat of Savista is explained by the way they pushed Argenis Chavez and the internal divisions. The disproportionate injection of gifts and resources was very clear. The benefit was very crude, all the central power came here. Rafael Garrido could not advertise in the media. , Not a single poster has been pasted.There are many problems in the public services in this state which have not been resolved and have deteriorated. Dissatisfaction has increased, ” he said.

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All opposition parties want to bring Parinas’ victory closer to its every conjecture. Leopoldo Lopez hailed the achievement on his Twitter account, saying “democracy has won the dictatorship.” “We were united, organized and mobilized with a common goal,” he justified. Henrik Gabriels The context affirms that “the importance of regional leadership is to advance the long-awaited change that the country is asking for.” Moderate Henry Falcone, for his part, has highlighted the validity of electoral coercion, which he has always defended, as the only possible path. “No one is superfluous. We all need this in the task of rescuing Venezuela.”

The opposition election victory in Barinas was able to filter even into the minds of radical factions of political opposition, part of which was deportation, which traditionally considers all elections fraudulent and can not always defeat Chavismo. Such inequality in electoral conditions.

“None of these results need to be determined,” said Benigno Alarcon, a political analyst, lawyer and educator at Andres Bello Catholic University. “It depends on what the opposition does next. Before you is a task that is impossible, but it is very complicated. Each department will try its dissertation to confirm what happened now. Currently it is difficult for the opposition to reunite. The differences that some departments have within themselves seem irreparable.

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