From July 24 to 30, 2023

It contains Aries horoscopeWeek of 24th to 30th JulyThe crescent moon It will bring new people into your life with whom you will have chemistry and complement each other. your side Mercury You can make a difference with your money and your work.

Money and work

These days you are still busy with financial speculation to find another way to improve your income. On the other hand, as the days go by, you will appreciate the time it takes you and it is not advisable to ignore your current job as it is a secure income.

Due to the above, till Friday when Mercury changes its sign, you will concentrate your mind to speed up your work tasks and solve the problems caused by your carelessness. Also, I suggest you do the Ritual for Opening the Paths and you can only do two things.

Love, passion and social life

Starting the week, the Moon will go through its crescent quarter process in Libra; Especially, in the personal relationships area of ​​your horoscope. Through this influence, you will feel your love for others expand and reach a higher level.

That is why you will put all the strength of your heart so that their qualities and feelings are completely synchronized. There will also be an increase in the number of new people who come into your life, with whom you will have a high chemistry, and who will completely complement you.

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Health & Wellness

Since it’s a work week, extend your social life and your mood will be very positively affected. Of course, you will experience moments of exhaustion and euphoria, so find a balance point to enjoy your week.

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A tip to improve your vibration

When you feel mentally tired, I recommend to refresh the environment, use mint leaves for this purpose and you can do a good domestic cleansing. For this, fill a large clear glass jar or jar with water.

Then put it in sunlight first thing in the morning and add mint leaves. Let it sit in the sun all day, then transfer the water to a spray bottle. On days when you’re feeling cranky, use this spray to cleanse the air and spirit.

A great day

The best day of the week is Tuesday thanks to the meeting of the Moon and Venus, which will be in your favor as it passes through your compatible signs, so that you can do better business. You can balance your mind with your emotional side and make better financial decisions.


The key to this horoscope for you will be to predispose you to enjoy your social relationships, which will provide you with the support you need to feel good.

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