Improving water filtration and space conditioning in the “Riera Major” therapeutic community of the Foundation for Health and Society

Since last July 12, the “Riera Major” therapeutic community, one of the FSC’s Addiction Residential Resources, has been fully permissive, as well as improvements in water filtration, new athletic equipment, and a multi-sport space equipped with a futsal court and basketball court. This sports court is a very significant improvement in the infrastructure of the center itself, allowing for the expansion, modification and modernization of the sports space that has been used so far.

This is a new resource that will allow all center beneficiaries to engage in sporting activities, in addition to other proposals for teamwork, support the range of therapeutic tasks being carried out, and promote healthy habits that prominently suggest the practice of sporting activities.

This new space will help make users aware of the need to occupy part of their free time with healthy habits, as well as favoring socialization. Over the past few years, we have observed how the introduction of diverse activities, outside of therapeutic traditions and group dynamics, favors treatment adherence.

Specifically with regard to sport, physical activity and exercise, adapted to each person, they facilitate recovery and rehabilitation processes for people suffering from addiction. We also have professionals from the world of sports who adapt and teach sports, thanks to the collaboration with the platform.

The sports stadium is a supported project to create a sustainable space to improve curative care, improve water purification in rural areas, and improve and adapt spaces. The project is funded by the European Union, specifically from next generation funds, through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Government of Spain, and the Ministry of Health (National Medicines Plan).

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