Frida Sofia is the sexiest and funniest model in the new Grupo ensemble video

Recently a press office sent out a statement Group Frida has committed a fraud by singing a duet with Sofia on the song ‘Noch Perversa’, promising that they are a band of robbers. . Salvador Olvera, 19, a percussionist and group leader, appears in a March 12 video in Fresno, California. We talked to the group and he told us this.

Salvador, how do you invite Frida Sofia to this video?

“There was a link through our label (hippie music) and thankfully the participation was accepted as a model for the Noche Perversa song.”

Was it hard to convince her?

“No, he accepted very easily.”

See the exclusive preview of the clip here:

Why did they think of her as a model?

“Because of her beauty, her charisma and enthusiasm, we all decide and vote for her.”

Why was it recorded in Fresno, California? How far was it planned in advance?

“It was planned several months ago. All the necessary steps were taken by the authorities due to the very strong epidemic in the United States. It was registered there to hold work visas and to be the owner and manager of the Grupo Ensemble. I only traveled to produce the video. Most people did not participate, we recorded it in 6-7 hours. We did. Fernando did not attend because he was a sailor and had to ask for permission. ”

Frida did not participate in the singing, but as a model, what can you say about a statement by Gloria Posadas, who claims that Frida was deceived or deceived while recording with an apocryphal group and claims to be the owner and proprietor of the ensemble group?

“Frida was only hired as a model, not disappointed in any way. She promises to be on the original team as there is only one ensemble.”

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Why did the conflict with Mrs. Gloria Posadas appear?

“My father meets Mrs. Gloria in Bulgaria, where he was a dancer and my father would go with the ensemble. My father had a weakness for women. Mrs. Gloria was one of them. He was her boyfriend. My father passed away on April 20, 2020, a few minutes later. The lady was already behind me to find out if I was going to continue with the Ensemble group.I had no head to respond at the time and I was very upset.Fifteen days have passed and we realized that the lady was already joining a new group (May 15, 2020), to which Grupo We named it Ensemble Con Sabor ”.

Do you already have a registered name?

“My dad didn’t do it because he didn’t know the problem, and that woman used it.”

Continue, Jorge Olvera …

“The records are not there yet, the companies have not been opened due to the epidemic. They have only accepted the records in a virtual way. They have taken longer than normal.”

Name registration already, George?

“It’s pending.”

And Mrs. Posadas?

“She did it later, but everything is in dispute. We have all the evidence and documents. Before making the recordings, Ms. Gloria presented a forgery of a record in Indore. The lawsuit has already been filed with the Attorney General of the Republic for providing and falsifying official documents.”

frida sofía A sample in the video

Did Martin Olvera leave an option?

“No, but his wife, Mrs. Juanita, the mother of Salvador, was always married. He began handing over various conditions in Salvador, such as the issuance of work visas in the United States. ”

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Will the video be released?

“Yes, of course, next March 12”.

Not guilty?

“No, everything is in order. Everything is signed by contract. No problem.”

Is there any problem for Frida?

“By no means”.

Meanwhile, composer Olympo Carvajal also commented:

The composer of “I don’t think my bosses love me”, I call it Mr. I delivered it directly to Martin Olvera. I do not understand why others (Gloria Posadas) use this. I am also the composer of ‘Noche Perversa’. Ms. Posadas creates confusion with people by making others sing about the group’s success. I have already made the restriction that they cannot use the theme ‘Your bosses don’t love me’. But they continue to do so, occupying my song without my approval, the Authors and Composers Association already knows, and we are not constantly using the theme. The record states that it was screened by Martin Olvera’s band.

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