Molusco confirms SBS claims 50% of its revenue on YouTube – Metro Puerto Rico

Announcer George Babone “Mollusco” He revealed the reason for not signing the contract with the company Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) To continue your contract and your participation in the program La Mega 106.9FM.

As he commented through his YouTube channel, the company requested 50% of your profit On the video platform he monetizes the additional content he produces at the radio station.

“The owner of this business is asking for 50% of your business, because yes, he is giving you a ticket to stay, but if you don't pay 50% here, you won't stay. I told him, stay with your business,” Molusko said, explaining that his business was growing more on YouTube than his production on radio.

Babone went further and assured that SBS intends to do the same with most of the talent broadcast on its stations.

“This is the format they want to establish with all the talent of this SBS radio station, all the talent you hear on air signed a contract to have 50% of your social networks, which never happens in life, there are others. Chains that don't understand,” he added.

Also, as part of the negotiations, he promised to offer the company monetization of other content found on its channel. Network light. However, SBS insisted on profiting from all content, including its podcast “Adolescents”.

Today is the first day of the program “Kings of Molusco and Bunda” And “La Carata de la Mega” They were not aired after the announcer resigned.

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