Frida Sofia for Alejandra Guzm :n: “I hope I did nothing wrong, Guzm இங்கேn did not take the culprit here in the United States”

According to some audios, Alejandra Guzm விலn evicts Frida Sofia and sells her apartment.

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Fat and lean Searched and found Frida Sofia. Her journalist, Alex Rodriguez, approached her on the streets of Miami to find out if she knew that Alejandra Guzman had openly sold an apartment they allegedly co-owned. The young woman says she knows nothing about it, and everything indicates that she has not been notified of the sale. Since both are said to be owners of the property, which is basically something she owns, this would indicate that she received no money in the settlement.

I hope I made no mistake, Guzman did not take the culprit here in the United States“, Frida Sofia told the cameras of El Cordo o la Flacca.

After these words, Frida is ready to take legal action against La Guzman, who has made headlines again after some audios were leaked to the press, where he said his daughter Frida Sofia has left. His will. Rocker seems ready to leave his entire legacy to his nephew Apollo.

You can hear her say in the audio: “I do not want to see her or anything because she is responsible for her life.” If you want to know more, Click here.

Frieda Sofia in the face of such news did not speak out loud, but she left a strong and compelling message on her social networks, which seems to be her total response to what is currently happening to Alejandra Guzman and her legacy.

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