Mike Tyson reveals possible reason Jamie Foxx was hospitalized

It was reported last month that the actor Jamie Foxx He was hospitalized. The actor’s daughter Corinne revealed it in a since-deleted Instagram post on April 12 Foxx suffered a “medical complication” that has not been fully disclosed to this day.

Mike Tyson reveals possible reason Jamie Foxx was hospitalized

Ever since he was admitted to the hospital, the actor’s family has kept it a secret. However, Mike Tyson recently revealed a possible reason for what happened. In a recent interview, Tyson talked about his biopic, which reportedly stars Jamie Foxx, and was asked about the actor.

When asked on a podcast ‘Respect’ If he followed what was happening with Jamie Foxx, Tyson said: “It’s not good.” Presenter Patrick Bett-David said: “Something’s Happening”, To which the legendary boxer added: “Yes, they said stroke.” “I don’t know what happened to him”Tyson added.

Jamie Foxx’s daughter clears up rumours

Foxx’s daughter broke her silence after several reports circulated that “the actor’s family expected the worst” regarding his health. Within weeks of his hospitalization, A “close source” admitted to Radar Online that the actor “suffered a serious medical episode and needs immediate attention. “It needs to be revived. He’s very lucky to be alive.Said information.

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Later, a source told the same outlet The circle closest to the actor “prepares for the worst”. “Jamie’s people say he’s fine and he’s getting better, the doctors are trying to get to the bottom of his problems, but if he was better he wouldn’t be in hospital for so long.” The source agreed with Radar Online.

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Following these reports, Corinne revealed that her father had already been released from the hospital and was “in good health”. “Family Update: Sad to see the media go crazy. My dad has been recovering in the hospital for several weeks. In fact, I was playing pickles yesterday! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support!” The actor’s daughter shared on Instagram.

Accordingly TMZThe Oscar winner’s daughters, Corinne and Anneliese, were in Chicago with their father. He was transferred to a rehabilitation and physical medicine clinic at the end of AprilAfter being hospitalized in Atlanta.

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