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Still have no gift for this February 14th? Today we explain what you need to do to make this beautiful movie With the best photos and videos you can store . A free gift that makes you look beautiful, and you can also share it on social networks to make it clear You love that special person, it’s your partner, your mother and … why not? Your pet. Prepare at once.

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  1. The first thing you need to do For iOS or Android, you can see this functionality in both cases. If you have not done this step and have never used this app, you should allow Google to save all your files in the cloud before proceeding. You can sync or sync your photos .
  2. You need to open Google Photos (mobile or web) and find that area Library. By opening the tab from your cell phone you will see it below and on the computer or laptop Applications Located on the left side of the Options menu.
  3. There are many possibilities in witchcraft, one of them “Picture “. You need access here to create our movie Valentine’s Day Free. Once inside you have to choose the option “Valentine movie ”, Contains the heart and the letter.
  4. Google Note from the beginning that if you have multiple photos of the two together you will get a better result. If you decide to do it with friends, the same formula applies.
  5. Once you have agreed to produce the image, Google proposes a series of faces that will appear in your photos among family and friends. You can choose one or two people to be included in the image due to the artificial intelligence of Google Photos.
  6. And ready, Google Blowing the message “Making the movie”And warns that this may take some time, but will notify you by notification when it is ready. That’s it, now you can share a special gift with him! Valentine’s Day.
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