Emilio Izquier reveals that he had concessions from Peru and El Salvador and that he would celebrate if he scored for the Mottagua-Dice team

Page Emilio Isaguer Still preparing for the tournament debut Closing 2021 With Marathon. “Milo” talks about the treatment he received from Hector Vargas, the benefits he received and his relationship with him. Mottagua.

Promotion transfers: signed by two sons of former marathon Brittilia, Juttigalpa and Pinares

“We got a lot of offers from outside the country, from Peru, to El Salvador FAS Y Lime They called me. First and then marathon in the El Vida National League. For many reasons, one of them is contagious, because we have our parents, my wife, my mother-in-law, and we are taking care of them. We asked for concessions, we never thought to leave the capital, but we asked God for guidance, and now we were approaching, three hours from Tegucigalpa. We know the family or we bring them here, “he told Cinco Deportivo.

Emilio has already done five training sessions with followers and began to learn about Hector Vargas’ idea. Will your style of play change? They asked him.

“More than anything to help young people play fast with one or two touches. Anyone who knows me knows I like to play two touches to give the team dynamics. We had three teams in the marathon. The good thing is that young people who want to learn Solani, Ariaka and” Machuka “are a good listener. The team, ”he said.

The former blue player now believes the experienced team will join the Purslane team Mario Perios Y Carlo Castley, Who trains with the team.

“I hope we have the opportunity to stay with Mario Ferrios, he is a key figure, Carlo Castillo will contribute a lot. There are guys like Adrian, I loved the mood, they want to learn. Everything is for a blessing and to achieve the goals that are the championship in the marathon,” he said.

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How was your relationship Mottagua? “It’s a difficult thing, I never expected it. What happened is very difficult, but football is like that. I do not want to get into controversy. I am grateful to Eddie, Xavier and Atletico Atala. The results are with technology. It was very difficult. But you have to be strong.God opens many doors, I had many, it happened in the marathon that got me well here.I do not know the author Vargas, but everyone talks well about him, no player speaks badly about him, the player always has respect, it makes me happy Provided “.

If he gives a score to Motagua he will scream at the top of his lungs

Emilio had been wearing a motocau shirt for eight years. He made his debut with the Capital team in 2004 and left in 2010 Celtic of Scotland.

Now he is preparing to defend his second shirt in Honduran football. Are you going to celebrate the goal against the hurricane? His response was strong.

“Yeah, of course, I always have to celebrate giving thanks to God. That’s professional. Everyone knows the respect and affection I have for Motagua, but I have to support the marathon on the field because they opened the doors for me. that is different. “

Partner with Wilmer Chrisando:
“All of us who know him know he’s never been quieter. He’s talking louder than a branch. He’s discovered some stories I do not know where he’s getting from. The way he is is beautiful.

He talks about Hector Vargas:
“Professor Vargas is a very competitive coach, he demands maximum responsibility from the youth and experience. We hope that staying with Perios and Castley can help the team a lot. Hector Vargas is a winner and he is very special from the pitch. It gives a lot of joy to the team.”

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