What happens when you mix green antifreeze with pink?

Despite knowing the importance of this fluid in the performance of the car, most people forget about it Anticoagulation While performing maintenance services. In fact, most people don’t know the difference between different liquids and their colors. We tell you what happens when you mix green antifreeze with pink.

He Anticoagulation Helps to dissipate heat in hot weather to prevent engine overheating. Likewise, it prevents the fluid in the car from freezing during cold weather. Rust and deposits can clog the cooling system, but Anticoagulation Rust inhibitors are available to prevent this problem

What happens when you mix green antifreeze with pink?

There are three types of antifreeze, and any of the three can be used as long as they do not corrode aluminum and the old antifreeze is completely flushed out.

However, many vehicle owners believe that mixing two different colors of antifreeze increases its effectiveness, while others avoid this practice, thinking that it destroys its properties.

mixed up Anticoagulation Pink and green: yes or no

Antifreeze color does not indicate any difference in coolant properties. Different companies use different colors, so consumers can tell which product they are using just by looking at it.

However, some are designed differently and mixing two different types will almost certainly reduce the performance of one type or the other.

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What happens when you mix different types of refrigerants?

There are mainly three Types of refrigerants. They have slightly different ingredients from each other, which affects their performance and shelf life.

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– Green. It is composed of silicates, ethylene glycol and anticorrosive agents that protect metal components against rust formation. They are recognized by the initials IAT (mineral acid technology).

– Red. It is also found in blue in some brands of antifreeze. It is made by organic acid technology (OAT) and allows to protect all metal and alloy components of the cooling system. This antifreeze provides more support against wear due to its components.

– Orange. This is the result of the use of IAT and OAT components, for this reason they are called hybrids of organic acid technology.

If you mix one of these types of coolants with another, you will weaken the corrosion inhibitors of the stronger one.


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