Francesca Laczel explodes with criticism about her weight and clothes as a result of pregnancy

Anger and sadness. TV presenter Francisca showed herself to be so critical during her pregnancy.

For this reason he imposed himself and affirmed it Has to leave social networks Return when your baby is born and is at normal weight.

The host of “Desperate America” ​​assured that unlike other women who only grow belly, she is not a perfect pregnant woman. “Enough is enough!” He complained about the negative comments.

“I have been reading some comments on social networks and pages where I have basically written notes Seems, How I am, how I gained weight. They have written me things like I am plump That pregnancy wasn’t so good, and now I dress like an old woman, Be careful; Countless things, not only did they write it, but people also told me in my face, ”the celebrity Creole said in a 10-minute-long video posted on her Instagram account.

A Dominican spokeswoman based in the United States says she still does not understand the insensitivity of many.

“I thought the pregnant woman had one To break, A place, a chance, I was without labels … I wasn’t the perfect pregnant woman. Every woman carries her baby differently; There are unicorn women like I say, their limbs do not grow, only their abdomen, they will stop even if they sneeze, ”he reflects.

Former Neustra Bellosa Latina 2015, one of the pregnant women she did not remove the heat, had to wear comfortable clothes due to the weight of the breasts, her armpits turned black, she has a broad back, all the other features he described in the video honestly.

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“One does many things to get the pressure of being the right pregnant woman”, She complained.

For a week she is very upset about the comments, but at the same time she feels full and happy to wait for her baby in which she has not yet revealed her gender.

Not everything is negative. Her husband, a businessman Francesco Zambokna He was with her on these special moments and supports her. In fact, because of weight gain, her engagement ring or wedding ring would not work for her, and for this reason, he gave her another and asked her to ‘remarry’.

Francesca laughed when told that when her creature kicks, she will forget all the negative situations.

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