Mark Webber wants us to make room for young people

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As a Red Bull team driver from 2007 to 2013, Mark Webber supported his new successor, Sergio Pérez. The former Australian believes he has the talent to have a great season with the British national team and not just stand in the shadow of his teammate Max Verstappen. “I think Sergio is going to perform well, I think he’s in a win-win situation, to be honest. He is clearly there to support Max in the best possible way, to play his supporting role in the best possible way, and I think he will do better than the previous two. He’s a wizard on tires, when he works with him he’s very, very skilled… So if this car is shining, it’s probably going to have a solid season, “said Webber.

Despite validating the choice of Red Bull, he expressed some reservations about the arrival of Fernando Alonso in the Alps. Although he specifies that his opinion has nothing to do with the Spanish, he considers that the French team would have done better to give a young rider a chance: “I have enormous respect for Fernando, he is one of the best who has been in our sport. . He was there from the beginning with a lot of determination and achieved incredible things. At its peak, there were no better Sundays. But where is the next Max Verstappen, the next Charles Leclerc? They are great for sports, like Fernando when he was driving, at the age of 20. Of course, Fernando is still a big name now, for his native Spain and for the sport. But I would like us to focus more on the future, on finding the Alonso that we discovered 20 years ago ”.

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