Four Traits Elon Musk Looks For When Hiring New Employees

Elon Musk, one of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs of today, explained what he looks for when hiring high-level employees (Reuters)

Tesla’s company, Elon Musk’s company, is currently looking for professionals to integrate into its workforce. With the aim of recruiting candidates, an ‘Artificial Intelligence Day’ was held a few days ago, where the founder of the company demonstrated the progress they are making in the field of AI. The event prompted Jason Aton, a technology and innovation specialist who writes for Inc. , to call out a tweet in which Musk explains the four characteristics he hopes to find in his future employees, and write a column explaining each. intended attributes.

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Although one can imagine that the question will revolve around work experience in the engineering field and undergraduate degrees in this or similar field, the entrepreneur is surprised with a list of things that at first glance seem simpler but hard to find.

Musk’s request focused on four attributes that are more about human capabilities than technology. Specifically, these are: “A very strict work ethic, a knack for building things, common sense and dependability.” The reason to prioritize this knowledge over technical knowledge is that, according to Musk, “we can train the rest.” In this sense, the owner of one of the most innovative companies in the world understands that characteristics related to the human character of people are a priority because they cannot be easily modified; Unlike the rest of the things that can be learned.

Elon Musk’s tweet lists the qualities he looks for in his employees

‘Very strict’ work ethic

Aton realizes that at this point, Musk means he needs people who are 100% dedicated to their work, work hard and deliver the expected results. By this he does not mean, nor does Musk suppose, that these people should be overworked or exploited, but rather that they should be people “willing to engage in work and work for the common purpose of the company.” A company of the size and caliber of Space X – or any company run by Elon Musk – would be expected to expect a high level of commitment and effort from its people.

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A knack for building things

While Musk was likely referring to the ability to literally build things, since at the time he was looking for people to work on his missile production line, Aton doesn’t think “this quality is limited to manual assembly.” Understand that it can also relate to the ability to develop plans, often starting from scratch, and achieve company goals. “As an entrepreneur, building things is one of your most important jobs. Surrounding yourself with other people with similar talents means you can double your efforts,” Aton wrote.

Falcon Heavy launch, from Space X

Common sense

Although it seems more reasonable to say that it is necessary to hire people with common sense, “The problem is that good is usually very rare and very difficult to teach. One could even argue that common sense, unfortunately, is not very common,” says Aton. . Common sense is of vital importance to the business owner because it is essential for the business team to make good decisions and, therefore, the ability to delegate work safely. The technologist puts it in the following terms: “As a manager, you rely on your team to make good decisions, even if you’re not around. This means recognizing that common sense is often more valuable than any particular skill.”


This last aspect refers to the fact that it is important to give priority to a person’s character over the level of his or her academic qualifications, because, according to Atten, “a good character is perhaps the most important qualification”. “Hiring someone who is not trustworthy just because they have a great degree or experience is a mistake. Even when there is a lot of work to be done, it almost always ends up paying more in the long run when you have to fix the problems they cause.” In this way, the author agrees with Musk that if a person cannot be trusted, it cannot be a good foundation for the company.

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It should be noted at the end of Musk’s phrase, “The rest we can train.” With this, a businessman who has known how to be the richest man in the world for a few months at the beginning of this year shows his conviction that, unlike issues that concern the human personality of people, technical knowledge can be acquired in the best way. This is why they prioritize these types of skills when selecting their employees.

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