According to Bolzano, Biden’s ‘outrage’ over the environment ‘stumbles a little’

Brasilia, Brazil

The President Jair Bolsanaro This Monday, the US government, which he defined as “the far left,” confirmed that it had “almost a frenzy”. The environment is “a little barrier” for Brazil.

“For me, Brazil has opened the door to continued talks with the US government Biden Government This is a very left-wing government. A government that is almost immersed in environmental issues, it is a bit of a hindrance for us, ”he said in an interview with a local radio station.

“Brazil is a country that protects its environment. We always face attacks from European countries, “he added.

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Bolzano, a skeptic and fan of climate change Former US President Donald Trump, Has been the target of numerous international criticisms for its environmental policy and its position in favor of deforestation in protected areas, which, according to experts, is illegal deforestation, mining and logging.

The He was involved in a scuffle with far-right President Biden During the last US presidential campaign, he publicly backed Trump, raising the possibility of a Democratic nominee. Sanctions if deforestation continues to increase in Brazil.

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Since Biden came to power, the relationship between the two has been fluid and even Bolsanaro promised Biden and the international community in April that he would eliminate illegal deforestation in Brazil by 2030, ten years earlier than originally planned. A goal, judging by the latest data from The destruction of the Amazon rainforest, it is difficult to meet.

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The reference period for measurement is between August 2020 and July 2021 Deforestation, vast rainforests The planet’s loss was 8,712 km, 5% less than 9,126 km in the same period last year.

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