Forensic science indicates L-12 breakdown was due to lack of maintenance, victims’ attorney says

Gabriel Regino Garcia, the victims’ attorney, said forensic science shows that a lack of maintenance caused the section between Tizonco and Los Olivos stations, of Line 12 of the Mexico City metro, to collapse.

We are facing an unprecedented exercise of punitive power to protect a presidential ambition. Imagine that if the Mexico City Public Prosecutor’s Office, as it is obligated to, develops a line of inquiry into dependency deficiency, those who will go to criminal proceedings will be the current officials in Claudia Sheinbaum’s administration.”

However, the subordination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to the political interests of the head of government served as a shield preventing any authority from doing what it had to do, as the former collaborator of former Prime Minister Marcelo Ebrard accused; He is now Minister of Foreign Affairs and one of the three “choruses” of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who are vying for Morena’s presidential nomination in the 2024 elections.

At a conference as a criminal attorney who graduated from UNAM in front of the College of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Baja California AC via Zoom, Regino Garcia considered the chances as “high” although “not immediate” from current administration officials Claudia Sheinbaum (“Corculata” other President ), the director of Metro (Florencia Serrania) and even former Prime Minister Miguel Angel Mancera, are being held accountable.

“It is high because at some point the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights as well as the cases of the European Court of Human Rights will become aware of these serious manipulations and we will see them,” he stressed.

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During his presentation on the afternoon of Friday, June 24, 2022, the criminal attorney confirmed the absence of design and construction errors by the consortium of ICA, Alstom and Carso in the construction of the so-called Golden Line that began in 2008 – when Prime Minister Marcelo Ebrard – and denied To have a rush to deliver it on October 30, 2012.

“There have been versions that the reason for poor construction was the rush to do it, no, no, no, the construction date was 2011 and the consortium asked for (delays), which is why there are various adjustment agreements, some of which relate to higher input prices. […] Then we have the dates of the modifications, the last of which is left for handover on October 30, 2012, by which time it was finally delivered.”

Regino Garcia confirmed that before the start of operation of Line 12, he supported the Engineering Institute and decided that it was accompanied by its construction, and that it was in a position to begin work with passengers, leaving aside indications of deficiencies and corruption that had led to it being overlooked in the national and international media.

He accused that Miguel Angel Mancera (current PRD senator) in the administration of the former head of government had started a political persecution against his predecessor (Ebrard).

“Other personalities with particular interests arrived here and the order was given that trains on curves that should have been traveling at 100 kilometers per hour cut them in half to 50 kilometers, contrary to what was specified in the manual. What is the purpose of slowing trains on curves? that the weight is greater and the wear is faster and obviously what has been achieved is all the curve tracks rippled to generate an excuse to say that there are track problems”, arguing that there is a danger that the train will derail

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According to Regino Garcia, the Mancera government requested an opinion on the engineering work from the College of Civil Engineers, which stated in a document that this work “complied” with “all current and future regulations,” which ruled out that the original problem of Line 12 of the metro was related to the civil engineering project. “He insisted that the problem was in the tracks because they were ordered to reduce the speed of the trains,” the criminal lawyer confirmed.


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