Football de Estofa – Vladimir Moragrega is the first reinforcement of Chivas de Guadalajara for the 2021 ILiga MX opening match

Sivas of Guadalajara They will try to keep failure Stay away from the league Guard 1 Match 2021 Should be removed In reclassification, So head on Amari Vergara and Ricardo Belize They already have their pFirst reinforcement It’s about the attacker Vladimir Moragrega from Atlanta.

According to ESPN journalist John Sutcliffe Iron Golds will sign the highest scorer to take the lead in the Sacred Heart 2021 Aberdera competition, Where they will make some purchases and reinforce themselves with low profile elements with qualities Contribute to the Rojiblanco team.

+ Chivas stove football goes to the start of the 2021 MX League

“From this Atlante, Vladimir Moragrega, 22, Los Mochis is from Sinaloa Golden, Played in Axa, Atlante and had a good match Now it comes to Sivas, I was expecting. This is the current situation in Mexican football, with no money to bring to Chicharito or make big expenses. It will be interesting to know what happens next Jose Juan McCaw and Angel Soldier”, Sutcliffe commented.

Although the board of directors did not define the permanence of Vector Manuel Vusetich, It will be this week if it is announced King Midas Follow up or they will look for another coach who is guaranteed to suit the conditions of the campus Good results in Aberdera 2021.

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Who is Vladimir Moragrega?

Vladimir Moragrega is a 22-year-old footballer who was introduced by Aleppo in Oaxaca. In 2018, he was 1.80 meters tall and hit six touchdowns Guard 1 2021 match in the expansion league With Atlas, He played with Sinaloa Torados Y Bats of Guamuchil, Where he scored only two goals.

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