“Tired of being humiliated!” Frida Sophia’s captivating plea in the face of the persecution she was subjected to

Despite that Frida Sofia He has won a lot of support since he published the dark statements that are alleged to be abuse He suffered from his grandfather Enrique Guzman Since she is five years old and many on the net are constantly teasing and harassing her with insulting news, today that young woman wanted to share on their networks.

“Son Posts Comments like this and so on hurt me a lot, “he complained.” They hurt me. I had the courage to report the abuse I experienced from these people, and people are making fun of it, “he admitted, stunned.

“Yes, they continue with the same thing I want fame for, who are going to support me, I’m not sick of being insulted, I’m a hard working woman, I’m just as respectable as other people,” he said. “You know the artist but I was the only one who knew her as ‘Mother’, He concluded.

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He then shared one message after another, where internet users looked at his dad and smiled. Pablo Moktesuma, Alejandra Guzman, who recently promised that she would continue to be blindsided by the situation, For supporting his daughter and for announcing that she would turn against him. Other comments labeled Frida Sofia a “disgrace” to her family.

“Why should I be so disgusted? For telling the truth? For having the courage to report my abusers? That’s why so many people are silent. Can you imagine getting up and reading this about yourself? What would you do? Do you feel?”, The daughter asked. Alejandra Guzman.

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This is Frida Sofia

This is a difficult fact that this young woman faces as a legal battle in the eyes of the hurricane.

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