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While there is no button that allows us to hide what we have online, there are options that can help us with this.

WhatsApp is the most used news app in the world. Although its functions are constantly updated, Not all meet the needs of their users.

For example, there are more people who disable blue scenes To prevent others from knowing when they are Realism”. While there is no button or tool that allows you to do this directly, there are options to help prevent us from knowing that we are active on WhatsApp.

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Some of the options used to avoid appearing “online” are:

In severe cases

If we do not want to maintain any kind of communication with anyone, the most appropriate option That contact should be prevented. That way you can manage your account normally and maintain the same interaction with others.

The person will not receive notifications that they have been blocked, but by requesting this option the person will not be able to view our profile picture and we will not receive their messages We have received your feedback.

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To block someone you need to go to the WhatsApp menu and select Settings, Enter ர சி து, Then Privacy, Select Blocked contacts And press in the upper right corner Add who we want to block.

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No one sees us ‘online’

The desire to prevent others from seeing us “online” Using airplane mode. All we have to do is enter all the messages in WhatsApp, when you want to reply to them, close WhatsApp, enable Flight Mode, open WhatsApp again and write the reply or read the messages.

After that, Remove WhatsApp from the latest view and disable airplane mode. If you have responded to a message, the reply will be sent as soon as the connection to the cell phone is returned.

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WhatsApp notifications

Another easy alternative that we can use Respond directly to notification messages (You must enable this option). This way, we do not have to open the application, so we will not appear online.

External applications

Android users may choose to use external applications, which prevents others from knowing who we are “Current”:


This application is superimposed on other applications, so it allows people to respond without logging into WhatsApp, so we can not appear “online”.

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The app allows you to respond to messages without appearing “online”. This Processor You also have the option of responding directly with notifications.

Google Chrome extension

With extension WA Web and WhatsApp Couple You can view messages without opening WhatsApp. This extension also provides options for disabling the “Online” message and the “Type …” message. (D)

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