Find out where famous Salvadorans went on this vacation

Inside and outside the country, famous entertainers spent a well-deserved vacation with friends and family. And they bombarded their networks with iconic photos.

During the recent Easter holidays, Many Salvadoran entertainers chose to take advantage of their free time to enjoy different tourist destinations, from heavenly beaches to beautiful mountains, and some decided to travel outside the country in search of new experiences.

Many people decided to relax on the warm beaches of the country. His favorites are La Libertad and Sonsonate beaches. There they enjoyed the sun, sand and sea and wowed thousands of fans with their sensual summer outfits.

Another part of them wanted to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and stay in touch with nature for a few days where they could recharge their batteries in a peaceful and beautiful environment, walking and enjoying the flora and fauna. Saladenango is one of the favorite places.

Some use this vacation season to explore international destinations that they have always wanted to explore. They enjoyed the food, culture and traditions of different countries.

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Their social networks were the best place to share their adventures, experiences and happiness. In them you can find everything from impressive landscapes to intimate family moments.

Easter was the perfect time for these top celebs to take a break from their daily routines to pause their busy schedules and opt for a well-deserved break with their families.

So, on this note we show you who are the TV anchors, influencers, beauty queens and anchors who stole their fans' sighs with their most emotional moments during their holidays.

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Veronica Guerrero shared some of her adventures on the Salvadoran beach where her fans did not give her compliments. His destination was El Sonde Beach, La Libertad, where he spent private moments with his family and friends. As a true fashionista, Veronica took the opportunity to showcase seasonal outfits.


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Ana Yancy Clavel, host of “Hola El Salvador,” took her Easter vacation to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea with her family. On Instagram, she posted a couple of photos in which she showed off her pregnant belly through a swimsuit. Her fans immediately commented on how beautiful she is.

Blue Beach

Larissa Graniello enjoys the holidays. Photo: Illustrated and non-commercial image/

Before the end of the Easter holidays, Larisa Graniello, the host of “Viva La Morning” went to the Costa Azul in Sansonate to spend a pleasant weekend. “Before the sand fills here… Happy Holidays!” she wrote next to a carousel of snapshots that quickly raised the temperature of her thousands of fans. Larisa decided to wear a brown swimsuit, a sarong to cover her waist and a hat to protect herself from the sun.

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News anchor, Lorena Menjivar, showed her thousands of followers what Holy Week was like in her hometown of Saladenango. The legendary woman reunited with family and friends in the land of her birth. Plus, she spent a day at the pool with a good friend, showing off a two-piece swimsuit.


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Climate activist Moises Urbina decided to enjoy his vacation from Thumbelina, Central America, as he traveled with his wife to Iceland, where he finally got to see the beautiful Northern Lights. “Farewell to Iceland was unforgettable! Delicious dinner at Rog and on the way to the airport, he told us, in the distance, the explosion, see you later,” he wrote in his last post.

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Costa del Sol

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Irene Castillo and Pepe Barahona headed to the Costa del Sol in La Paz for a romantic night out. In a publication released by the celebrity lady, the two can be seen enjoying themselves on the shore of the beach, while a huge bonfire illuminates their love. “Thank you @pepebara for being there even in my worst moments,” Irene wrote.


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“Viva La Morning” host Henry Urbina also chose to spend his vacation out of the country, so he went to Washington, D.C., to visit the Lincoln Memorial, located on one of the National Landmarks. Mall. The famous man uploaded two photos on his social networks showing how much fun he had in the said place.


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Luciana Sandoval, Monica Casamiquela, Ana Pao Sifuentes and Gina Salazar from the Liberadas project were not left behind and went to enjoy together at Acantilados in La Libertad. Celebs flaunted their toned figures in sensual outfits that are perfect for enjoying a blissful summer vacation.


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Another famous person who traveled to America was Ale Costa, who visited Universal Studios Florida with his entire family, where they spent an amazing day. There they walk through Jurassic Park and pop balloons to defeat stuffed animals.

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