Ferran Adria will open elBulli1846 in June, a museum and research space in honor of the restaurant

Ali Ali 1846one of the great goals that he proposed Ferran Adria When it was closed several times as the best restaurant in the world, it will open in June at Montjoy Cove (Rose, Girona), and one of its great attractions will include a museum that will restore the legacy of the legendary institution.

He announced this through a video clip on opening day Madrid Fusionwhere it was recalled that, promoted by the elBulli Foundation, elbulli1846 will have the triple task of protecting the legacy of the former The most influential restaurant on the planetCreate high-quality content through Bullipedia and capture knowledge.

It is located in Cala Montjoy, where the Bulli was, and would gather “Bullinianos” or disciples and would have a section of the Research s experimentation For which professionals from different disciplines have already met at different calls to analyze innovation.

A tribute to the old restaurants

the museum It will house crockery and utensils – such as the famous hoods that made them fashionable in professional and domestic kitchens – and tools, recipesPictures, lists and everything that was kept from polycarbonatea restaurant that, as Ferran Adrià pointed out on the tenth anniversary of its closure, which occurred in 2011, left a mark much more than globules and foams, such as the opening of a workshop to organize innovation or the alliance with science.

The new space will also apply Sabines systema methodology he developed for “understanding knowledge and arranging information,” which feeds into LaPolypedia, a grandiose editorial project of which some 30 books are expected to be published this year.

Among them is Polly’s “creative revision, the latest analysis of why he was what he was,” describes Adria. The video premiered today at Madrid Fusión highlights the initial idea with which he concluded back in 2011: “We closed elBulli to open elBulli”Now, it’s much more than just a restaurant.

All this on the basis of the elBulliFoundation, a private non-profit foundation created by Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler – another innovator, but in room service -, whose work will also be reflected in Cala Montjoi.

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