This is the plight of Georgina’s sister who “didn’t even have to wash the dishes”.

Georgina Rodriguez She is very excited about the start of the second season of the reality show I’m Georgina On Netflix. Also, he adapts to his new life with Saudi Arabia Cristiano Ronaldo and his family. Day to day is very different PatriciaHis sister, who is by his father’s side, assures him that he is doomed and appeals again on television.

“I don’t even have enough to wash the dishes. It’s a shame for me, but I can’t hide the truth,” says the woman General mirrorHe shows his house Georgina She realized the situation her sister and her three nephews were living in: “It’s very sad to be alone and without anyone to help me. I have to pray that it doesn’t rain, because if it rains, the water falls on me through that leak.

Georgina and Patricia are not related

The truth is that Patricia tried to talk to her sister on several occasions without success, although the last time she was able to communicate with her was when her father died three years ago: «She told me that she was going to give. I’m still gray and I’m waiting. I don’t understand why they don’t want to know anything. The memories stay with me, they are my sisters and I don’t understand why they don’t want to know anything.

“I didn’t understand it, I didn’t know if they were ashamed of me. I asked her for help. I called her on the phone and told her that I don’t have to pay for my children’s school books and she can call the school and take care of it. At no point did I ask her for money. I do not want it MoneyI am working for it I and I earn my living as I have always done. At school they were waiting for my sister’s call and my children are still waiting for their help,” she adds.

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Patricia wants to get back in touch with Georgina and Ivana: “I was without a mother when I was eleven, nobody took care of me, I grew up on the street. I always fought for my children, I kept them very young. I didn’t ask for anything else, I didn’t expect anything. My sister took care of me. It helps me to see, Let him know I don’t want anything, but give me a reason”.

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