Fernando Hernandez’s knee shot made international media headlines

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Newspapers from different countries described the incident in different ways, but most converge on the word “extraordinary”.

Kneel as referee Fernando Hernandez He said the midfielder the lion Lucas Romero During the fight against America It sparked international media coverage, describing it as “extraordinary”.

with the lion From 0 to 1 on the scoreboard, America Tied the game at 63′ with a shot Diego Valdez Inside the six-yard box during a play he had previously participated in Israel ReyesIn which the ‘Fiera’ players demanded a whistler for a hand from the cream-blue defender.

In between, stocks rose Fernando Hernandez And players the lionAs he moves toward the center of the court, the whistler gives a blow after the explanation, surrounding the whistler all over the court to ask for a replay. Lucas Romero The player claimed him before.

Fernando HernandezImago7

In Spain, the TV show El Chiringudo devoted some space to talking about the matter and posted on social networks: “Extraordinary. A referee kneels a player in a very offensive place.”

In Argentina, the digital edition of Diario Olé described the incident as “more than a remarkable pearl”. MX League not very popular in that country” and El Clairin described the episode as a “scandal”.

“Although Liga MX is not very popular in Argentina, the games leave more than notable pearls. There was another controversial action involving the former Velez and Independiente in Lyon against the USA, where two Argentine coaches were sent off. It seems unreal. , Mexico referee Fernando Hernandez kneed Argentina midfielder Lucas Romero”, Ole’s article is studying

In El Tiempo, Colombia, the “corruption” presented as an “extraordinary phenomenon”. Fernando Hernandez.

“(…) Argentina’s midfielder Lucas Romero appeared on the scene and was attacked by the referee. Hernández raised his knee to hit him when he demanded. He showed the yellow card and accidentally hit him directly in the crotch,” he described the newspaper.

Belgium’s Le Soir presented the news as an “impossible situation” where “a referee loses his composure and kneels a player in the middle of a game”.

To pursue the issue, the arbitral tribunal, “after examining the facts involved in the arbitration Fernando Hernandez (…) The matter will be referred to the regulatory authority, which will be resolved according to the current regulations.”

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