Fast and Furious: from street races to missions in space; MEMES were not lacking

The ninth entry of the franchise ‘Fast and furious‘finally hit theaters (probably?), and Universal has released another trailer to announce their arrival. In the last and hopefully the final F9 trailer, the family of Toreto gets a little bigger, but there’s still plenty of action for everyone.

Like any good trailer for ‘Fast and furious‘, the ad is about car chases and other vehicular mayhem. There are roadsters swinging off cliffs, lots of fistfights, and even a car going through a building with what looks like a giant magnet.

‘Fast and Furious’ … In space?

However, this franchise has brought its set of beloved characters, led by Vin Diesel, through all kinds of crazy scenes. Cars thrown through buildings? Vehicles parachuted onto other cars from the sky? Dwayne johnson did you remove the cast from your arm? Unusual moments in the cinema, but all these events never led us to think that the next film would be located in, THE SPACE?

Yes, just like you. And as trite as it sounds, the cars in this installment will be so fast and furious they’ll hit space. Of course, the trailer has left a lot to talk about, among all this, Internet users did not try to make fun of how illogical this sounds, although if we think about it, nothing in the franchise of ‘Fast and Furious’ makes sense.

Here are the best memes that the launch of the trailer has caused:


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