Sequis Rivera gives the biggest impetus to Ana Barbara and takes her out of the forum: Video

Singer Ana Prabhara And daughter of the late Jenny Rivera, Sequis, Currently share Forum Recording on the show “I have talent, I have a lot of talent”. Recently, in a released video Dictoc You can see how the 35-year-old woman is the biggest motivator for Mexicans.

The Videos It has become so popular every day on the popular social network that many celebrities already have their official account, sharing content for many thousands or millions of followers. Ana Prabhara, Has 6.4 million fans following him.

Sequis Rivera is the biggest motivator for Ana Barbara

The translator of songs like “Low Busk” and “Pandito” is very active on his social networks and in recent times he has shown many clips on his social networks, i.e. he spoke as he shared this Tuesday Sequis Who gives The biggest motivation.

But it was the singers’ joke that they both used the stage to show their good relationship on the show where the judges were, with the announcer and singer “Don Seto”, originally from Mexico but living in the United States for many years.

Sequis and Ana Barbara Stock Forum

The Estrella TV television network I Dave Talent has launched the new season of the Mucho Talent competition, which in its 2021 edition will focus on the influence of Latin people in the world of entertainment, for which only women will compete.

Singer-songwriters Sequis and Ana Probara are already one of the oldest Latin American television channels. The twenty-fourth date of the new season, which began airing on March 29th.

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It’s fun to have artists be a part of the show. Photo: Special

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