Fabian Coyote before the game against Greece: Pengson, Kevin Alvarez, Debbie Flores and Diego Rodriguez – Talk to Tees One

The Honduras national team He is preparing for FIFA’s second friendly match on this double date in March. Against (1-1) after the draw Belarus, The Central American team is set to play against the Greeks next Sunday at 8:00 am Greece, Is in it La Dumba Stadium From Thessaloniki.

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At the pre-match conference, the coach Honduras, Fabian Coyote, Did a thorough study of what the previous game against Hellenics was. Very quiet and in the presence of the Honduran Sports Press Zoom in, The strategist evaluated the game of his chosen ones.

The South American talked about personal competition in which both the press and Honduran fans have names Jerry Benson, Diego Rodriguez, Deibi Flores Y Kevin Alvarez. He also talked about the competitor on duty Greece From the Dutch John von Skip.

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Next match: “Our goal is to do what we do in Belarus, to take advantage of the FIFA date and to be with a lot of players who have not been here for a long time. We aim to get a good result and prepare for the things we have. We imagine that the priority and goals are aimed at the dive, we are competitors who are already ready for the match so it is a good resistance and a good way to measure ourselves, Greece is no exception to this, it gave a good result yesterday, we will definitely see players other than those who played against Spain . “

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Injured players: “Some have been hit a little bit, the case of Jonathan Rubio, who has been dragging his feet with the ankle problem, and let’s see if he’s coming to the game on Sunday, and Luis Lopez coming in with a shoulder injury from Honduras.”

Difference between Belarus and Greece: “I think they are two very different teams, Belarus has the biggest bearing of its players, the most vertical football, as far as we can see, especially its exact field, where they usually have players to play and try to move forward on that side to define; they tried it in Greece; There is another style of play led by the Dutch coach, and with integrated, more association, three well-defined defensive lines, three midfielders and three attackers, and I repeat, beyond the footballers who are going to form the team they are trying to do that, yesterday they got a great result against Spain , But they dominated, of course at home they would try something else, press harder, dominate the ball more, have more ball possession and control of the field “.

Jerry Pengson’s match against Belarus: “We evaluate the scores many times, he could not change, the rhythm is beyond the players, it is an intense rhythm, very high, but it was in line with what we imagined in terms of their movements, it is a player, who moves very well and tries to hit the gaps, we suddenly The ball is not sent with much consistency, and again and again, we evaluate it many times based on the goals they score, in this case it did not happen but that is why I do not think he had a bad game, on the contrary, to know what kind of perspectives we have when considering Jerry from the human point of view on the team It’s very good to have him in sports.

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Player rotation: “We’m going to put together a strategy that thinks about what we have in the future, I’m not just going to spin it by rotating and placing all the players, but we’re going to fix it with a sporting idea or sporting purpose. The wind would blow, because they drove a great game beyond Greece, we had a very long trip, 24 hours later we competed against Belarus and then we traveled to Greece, we were able to recover beyond the best possible conditions to make this trip in terms of flights, spaces and hotel quality.

Game by Kevin Alvarez, Diego Rodriguez and Debbie Flores: “There are three different cases. Diego is a footballer who played for the first time on the national team. Suddenly a long time ago, we noticed him at Real de Minas. Feeling the support, he had an idea of ​​what he was doing, he tried all the time, he certainly had a lot of nerves, but I was most satisfied with all three Kevin is a player in Europe, and today he has a continuum in his team, which gives him a lot of confidence. Gives, he is an important player in the team, he has a history with many teams through youth teams.Daifi in a great moment, he confirmed it in the national team, I am very happy that there are players with a great performance at the local level, and They confirm it at the international level and I hope he has a great game, which will be the most needed match tomorrow. “

He wants Moya clubs to change: “Brian Moya is very energetic and active in football, but he’s as confusing as African football, but he plays, competes and gives good presentations, which is supported by his participation in the national team, allowing us to go to a league in the middle of the year with more information and closer to our country, And we can count on less hours of wear and tear. I look good in it. “

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About Bajon de Pengucca: “We talked to Jorge Penguche for a while and he knew very soon that he was starting to compete in a competitive league like the Portuguese League, so, while he was embracing, he started competing. Now it had to show that for the duration of the adaptation, he is happy and wants to continue in Europe. “I looked at him with good enthusiasm, football obviously his little competition makes him lose his rhythm, besides participating in a European team and coaching is great, when there are more minutes to go before that”.

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