Everything is rotten: the hardest moment Noilia passes

Nolia Was attacked on social media against the journalist section, Ask Charlie. The singer would have taken the reporter’s decision in a bad way by ignoring her most recent music release and not giving her a minute promotion in her TV spot, and if she did this with a person who has caused a lot of damage in her life, we are referring to her former Yamil Gorritz, the main culprit who released the private video of the translator of “Clávame tu amor” .

“People who drink my wine eat at my table, I celebrate their day as royalty, they ‘fly’ on my boat, and then they magnify themselves by contacting my enemies, they are not my friends … I’m not a little girl, and even less so there is royalty for the one who sleeps with me and the unfaithful. , I politely let go for a few days, but today I will not leave you without another minute … I am more than a discussion. God exists, ”he pointed out in a post. Nolia Next to her photo and the above Ask Charlie.


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