“Everyone hates me”: Laura Pozzo wants to leave the “mansion of celebrities” because of the Newark

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The second season has begun “Famous House” Amid the controversy of its new members, in which Find Laura PosoDidn’t seem too happy to see Newark’s visit to the celebrity home.

After the Cuban woman jumped out the door and was caught with a bad attitude when the nymph tried to greet her with a big hug, Laura Bozzo does not support True pressure.

Two days after the start of the reality show, a list of nominees was released, including: Nacho Casano, Tony Costa, Juan Vidal, Oswaldo Rios, Mayali Alonso and Laura BoscoThe latter was most affected in this case.

Laura Poso wants to leave “The House of Famous”

Realizing that she was one of the nominees, Laura Poso began to express her disgust. When her comrades tried to calm her down, they told her it was a game.

The cameras captured that moment Laura Bosso agreed He wanted to get out of reality, noting that he had many enemies within him: “Everyone hates me. I have no contact here with many enemies, I have my show on TV. Boy, am I leaving now! ”

As he points out: “It’s worth it to me. I hate double face so much. I’m going today, but they do not know me today. ” God wants it “.

“It simply came to our notice then. If the people here want to kick me out, I’m leaving. I’m annoyed to be here with the enemy, I have nothing here. And leave me my cigarette, ”he charged.

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For your part Newark responded to Laura Bosco’s comments: “Do not think so important! We are all vulnerable and at the same risk. They are all believed to be stars, ”she said, adding that she tried to be nice to Peruvian when she got home.

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