A new company/service that transforms any space in a company into a group

This new in-house studio service from Visual SHOP will allow small, medium and large businesses to save time and money, adapting everything necessary in their own facilities to create audiovisual, photographic and streaming content for their businesses.

Today, any company must create content for its website or e-commerce, for catalogs, social networks, for online or offline advertising, etc. But now, with the service of installing or adapting any space on a fixed or mobile set for video, photography or broadcasting, companies will have the possibility to take advantage of all the facilities offered by creating their own in-house content; Savings on equipment and product travel, reduction in restrictions in terms of session times, savings on rental of technical equipment and the location itself where the group is located, etc.

It is a service that more and more companies are choosing. In fact, these types of creative spaces are ideal for companies that want freedom and cost savings when it comes to producing their own content.

The companies that provide this service analyze and advise the business, based on their needs, and create customized quotes to provide the best technical solutions. In addition, they train the human team so that they have complete independence in their studies. They are also responsible for air conditioning and equipment installation, and themselves supply audiovisual materials or machines to the best brands to ensure the quality of the equipment in the long run.

Some examples of the systems they offer include lighting or sound systems, video systems, structures such as blinds or paper backdrops, creating landscapes or serenity backgrounds, broadcasting sets, etc.

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One of the standard companies in this sector is AVISUL SHOP, which recently incorporated this option into its range of services. The audience’s reception was greater than expected: “Today, more companies are choosing this type of solution. The main reason is that being able to have indoor studios is more comfortable and represents significant savings, something that companies highly value,” declared Oriol Alonso, Head of Store Visual SHOP.

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