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She was the main advocate and promoter of her boyfriend’s involvement In the second season of “The House of Famous”. Through a series of comments and campaigns The woman with Mexican roots has shown that she supports him, despite the distance that separates them today.

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Although she loves the Spanish dancer, there is another person she truly loves, and he can be even more important, thanks to her account. In it he usually uploads posts and commitments to the special person explaining his way every day.

From now on, it is good to make it clear that the person who can shake your relationship is not another man Tony Costa. If you want to know who we are specifically referring to, keep reading this note.

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Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltron are one of the most popular couples on social media (Photo: Tony Costa / Instagram)

Who is Evelyn Peltron’s true love?

As everyone knows, Evelyn Beltron She is madly in love Tony Costa He shows it every time on his social networks with a publication or story, and now they are farther away than ever because the Spaniard is one of the contestants on the show “The House of Celebrities”. .

Although the love they both live for is one of the strongest today, she has a very special person, and that is the true love of her life. This is the fruit of his little relationship with his youngest son, Timothy Timbo DomingusA bodybuilder she has been dating for eight years.

The affection that Evelyn Beltron has for her little one is so high that she usually dedicates to her many publications on her social media accounts, mainly the videos that she is most happy with in her company.

Like Tony Costa, Evelyn Beltron has a son, whom she calls Timothy (Photo: Evelyn Beltron / Instagram)
Like Tony Costa, Evelyn Beltron has a son, whom she calls Timothy (Photo: Evelyn Beltron / Instagram)

Evelyn Beltron Publications about her son

Throughout the influencer and model’s Instagram account, you can find a significant number of photos and videos of her son Timothy.

Also, Peltron recently shared a video of his baby on the beach, which was accompanied by an emotional description, through which he moved thousands of followers.

“How happy it is to see you so happy, you can experience the wonders of this world on my side. I love you so much, my son, I will always protect you against anything that comes your way. My desire is that you should be my motivation, my strength and always to move forward.”, He pointed out. To see the post, .

More information about Evelyn Peltron

Activities by Evelyn Peltron

Evelyn Beltron He did not hesitate to respond to critics who said he had many procedures to stay so young.

Many people think that there is no body part. “Touch”, But he vehemently denied these claims. .

How old are Evelyn Beltron and Tony Costa?

Evelyn Beltron is a 27-year-old Texan businessman and influencer who enjoys dancing so much. . For his part, the 38-year-old Spanish dancer is one of the most popular figures of recent times, mainly after his fame .

Age difference

Spaniard was born on August 20, 1983, and American came into the world on February 26. I.e., Tony Costa is eleven years older than Evelyn Peltron.

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Evelyn Beltron and Tony Costa talk about their remote court

Tony CostaWho broke off relations with Puerto Rican In mid-2021 – 10 years later, as a couple, he confirmed in February this year that he was in love with Evelyn Beltron, an influential 11-year-old younger than 38, with a daughter as a result of that love. – Old Valencian artist.

Costa currently resides in Miami, Florida, where he lives with Adamari Lopez and his 7-year-old daughter Alaya; While Beldron lives in Austin Texas with his 5-year-old son Timothy, he has a son with his ex-spouse. . However, that mile did not seem to be a problem for them. .

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