Alejandra Guzman drastically changes her appearance

In the middle of the US tour with Paulina Rubio, also known as Pericimus Mexican singer Alejandra Guzman She radically changed her image and decided to do something new in her hair to look more beautiful than before, which was appreciated by her fans on social networks.

Through his Instagram account, Alexandra He shared a short video where he showed before and after he changed his look and was able to see that he was very happy with the result with a brief legend. “Look at the change !!!! Puppy rocks”.

Translator of ‘Look at her, look at himHe shaved his sides and left the center of his head with his head, leaving many speechless. Long hair, Creates a style commonly known as mohigan.

“Beautiful love is definitely eternal beauty!!!! Unique and incomparable “,” How beautiful Ali “,”Only you !!! Incredible Always Chameleon ”“Beautiful Eternal Beautiful Beautiful Alejandra Guzman Power”, “What a Beautiful Look My Guzman Greetings”, Are some of the fan posts.

Alejandra Guzman impressed her fans

However, let’s remember that this is not the first time the singer has been surprised with a different image, because a few weeks ago the celebrity shared a series of pictures that seemed to have him. He shaved his head completely and put rhinestones on his head.

In addition, before that, she shared some pictures on her social networks where she showed her stylist the process she was doing so they put a loophole on her and figured out how to shave it for her. Tattoos on the skullThis came as a surprise to many.

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