Estéreo Picnic Festival, this will be the commitment to diversity in the 2023 edition

Very Inclusive People will be the new venue for the Estéreo Pícnic Festival, which all attendees of the new edition will be able to find.

very comprehensive It will be the new space Stereo picnic festival which everyone present in the new version will be able to find. This will begin on March 23rd and attendees will be able to find three people-led initiatives LGBTQ+And the population after the penalties and young.

The first space is Drag my style, where artists Aquarella_Dee, MindyFire, and Scarlettsantino will design beaded makeup for the festival; It will also participate in Messages That Unite, an initiative of the Foundation game time, where attendees will find accessories for their pints. Finally, it was found Show how are you Where attendance will be immortalized, with the support of the Foundation inner workproviding better conditions for people who have been punished.

in very comprehensivetrying to show talent artistic endeavors And culturally, each of the supported initiatives is designed to complement the attire of festival attendees.

The space is the product of the organizers’ commitment to promoting the inclusion of all people, from an intersectionality perspective, as well as contributing to the realization of Sustainable Development Goalsspecifically 5, “Gender Equality” and 10, “Reducing Inequality.”

“Creating inclusive, open, safe, respectful, and fun spaces that welcome diversity is everyone’s business, so we join the initiative very comprehensiveled by Grupo Aval within the framework of FEP 2023. The artistic and cultural projects are a great opportunity to highlight and celebrate the diversity of our society, ”said Carolina Blackburn-Cardona, Executive Director of the Foundation ACDI/VOCA LA.

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The space is a product of the organizers’ commitment to promoting the inclusion of all people, from an intersectionality perspective. authentication group.

This space is part of the Inclusion Support strategy festivallike last year, when the first “Baños para Todes” was created, a bathing area where gender discrimination is broken, pluralism, identity and inclusion are promoted.

Grupo Aval, sponsors of the space, indicated that they currently have a corporate inclusion and diversity policy, which is being implemented in cooperation with the program Inclusion of the international NGO ACDI / VOCA.

Likewise, with the inclusion practices adopted for LGBTIQ+ populationwhich allowed them to obtain international rehabilitation in 2022 Biz friendlygranted by the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

“For the Acción Acción Interna Foundation, these spaces are essential to showcasing the talents of people who have already regained their freedom. In this way, we help reduce the stigma that society has with our punished population. Both John and Diana are clear examples of this work, and today, Through their lenses, they will be able to photograph the hundreds of festival attendees.”This is a call for us to give more and more second chances to people who, for the most part, don’t even get the first,” said Inner Work Foundation President Johanna Bahamon.

While Andrés Wiesner, creator of the foundation game time He says that “Pongale Color was born 15 years ago when we arrived in Cazucá and saw that we did not have the resources to get uniforms for children who wanted to play football. To meet this need, a group of young people got together and created the Screen Workshop. Today they have a solid business model that not only makes 5,000 uniforms used by the members of the Foundation, but he also sells all kinds of clothes to other institutions and companies. What better setting to show all the creativity of this undertaking.”

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