Gerard Pique’s strong phrase after watching Shakira perform on Jimmy Fallon’s show

Gerard Piqué would not have liked Shakira’s performance on The Jimmy Fallon Program (Image: ARCHIVE)

An extended version of Music Sessions #53, A song recorded by Shakira with Argentinian producer Bizarb, It had as much or more impact than the original Again raising all sorts of comments about what happened between the Colombian singer and her ex-partner, Gerard PQ.

Barranquillaera performed the song live on the Jimmy Fallon show, and part of the song overflowed with the craziness of the participants. Clara Chia MartySpanish ex-footballer’s new pair: ‘She has a good name, clearly she’s not, just like you.’

Shakira’s presentation had an extra ingredient: Milan and Sasha, her children with PQ, in the audience that night. They loudly celebrated their mom’s live performance.

Gerard Pique’s ire over what happened on The Jimmy Fallon Show

Press releases assert that the presence of his children in the project does not suit the former player, who is now the director of the Kings League and Chronos, the company that manages events such as the Davis Cup.

According to Nuevo Herald newspapers, Bigway was very upset shakeI would not have informed him that I was going to take the children to New York to be on air for the show.

After the presentation, the athlete spoke for the first time about his situation with Shakira in an interview with Catalan radio. Race 1. His responses, although they were not direct, showed his irritation.

As parents we have a responsibility to protect our children.. I don’t want to say anything about it,” Bigway announced about the song Shakira and biserrap. “Everyone makes decisions as they see fit and I don’t feel like talking about it anymoreI believe that in the end the only thing that matters is that my children are healthy,” she added.

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Piqué looked serious at his first meeting with his children after a trip to New York. The ex-footballer arrived in his car at his ex-partner’s house and waited for him to hand over some of the children’s belongings. Milan sat in the passenger seat, where the former player spoke in a very serious tone before leaving the platform, the aforementioned media reported.

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