How to stand parallel in fewer movements

For many people, the moment a car is parked or parked is a moment of great stress, especially if it has to be in a confined space. If putting your car between two vehicles is stressing you out, these tips are for you: How to park in fewer motions using only your mirrors and steering wheel.

Step by step we tell you the fastest and most efficient way to parallel park, with few moves and no risk.

How to stand with fewer movements

Before starting, it is important to highlight that one of the main recommendations is to know the characteristics of your vehicle very accurately. Its measurements, size, turning radius, blind spots, direction type, etc. Then follow this step by step:

1) When you select an available location, make sure of the following:

  • It is, at least, a car one and a half larger than your measurements.
  • The street shall have a low turnover or its speed shall be controlled.
  • No items we could lose sight of, such as cones, stones or boats.
  • This vision is optimal in any direction.
  • That your mirrors are well located relative to your vision, height, etc.

Having said that, once you are sure of the above, park your car in a few moves with these simple steps:

  • Go ahead and match your car to the one in front of where you want to park, so the tires are in alignment.
  • Put reverse and move forward to the end of the parked car in front of your car about three-quarters of the way from your car. Then spin the wheel all the way in the direction where the empty space is. Do it slowly. When standing, there should be no sudden movements.
  • Slowly, when the end of the vehicle in front is even with its middle, bring the steering wheel straight.
  • As soon as the mirror covers the taillights of the vehicle ahead, turn the steering wheel away from the spot.
  • With small adjustments, and very slowly, and with the help of mirrors or a rear-view camera, position your car just enough to keep it in the middle of the two cars, leaving room for both of you to get out.
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It is necessary to keep a certain distance from other cars to avoid scratches on the car body.
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We recommend making the necessary adjustments to be as straight as possible, taking care that your vehicle is close to the curb to allow free movement of other vehicles. It is not good (and can even be an offense) for the tail or tires to protrude.

Remember that many cars today have technologies that help you solve these problems. There are even digital tools that help the driver improve safety, such as blind spot monitoring, a rearview camera, and sensors that warn when you’re about to touch someone else.

You can also count on park assist, something already built into many new cars. In fact, Enhanced Park Assist is a technology that allows the user to park a vehicle in a place, whether parallel or perpendicular, without having to touch the steering wheel.

What is Enhanced Parking Assist and how does it work?

Enhanced Park Assist is a system that helps, at the press of a button, to find a parking space. Once a suitable spot is found, instructions to stop the vehicle will appear on the screen.

The driver can take his or her hands off the steering wheel, engaging only with gear lever and brake control, while the system steers the car into the available space.

Vehicles parked on expired meters can be fined.
Credit: Shutterstock

Enhanced Park Assist features

This technology allows a car, SUV or truck to find an optimally sized space. In addition, you turn the steering wheel. In this way, it gives you convenience and security when parking.

That’s it. Have courage and reduce stress. By following these tips on how to stand up with fewer movements, everything will be easy and safe.

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