Elon Musk provides NASA assistance to SpaceX to create space costumes for future lunar missions


10 ago 2021 23:05 GMT

The delay in the development of these cases is one of the factors that will make it impossible for an astronaut to land on the moon in 2024, as planned by NASA.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, assisted NASA in developing space suits after it announced that it would not be able to land on the moon again in 2024 due to delays in the process. .

“SpaceX can do that if needed”, Wrote Kasturi on Twitter, commented on a post with A statement Martin in this case. With $ 420 million being spent on the project and another $ 625 million planned, these cases will not be “ready to fly fast until April 2025,” NASA Inspector General said.

According to NASA’s plans, the first two xEMU (‘Exploration Extravecular Mobility Unit’) space packages should be ready by November 2024, but Martin has previously stated that management “faces significant difficulties in achieving this goal.” Delays in development work related to funding shortages, the impact of the epidemic and technical problems are already 20 months.

Artemis project, which is intended To install A permanent human existence on the surface of the moon and in its orbit began during the time of Donald Trump. The astronauts are expected to return to the lunar surface in 2024, but the Biden administration says the date is being revised.

The project, announced by NASA in 2019, will have three phases: the first Orion spacecraft’s unmanned aerial vehicle and return to Earth. The second phase predicts a flight around the moon with a crew. In the third phase of the mission, NASA is trying to land astronauts on the moon, initially in 2024.

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