Jorge Luis Pinto on James Rodriguez in Colombian national team: Reynolds Ruda and qualifying Colombia selection

Within a month the Colombian national team will play on three dates of the qualifiers Conmepol to Qatar 2022.

On Thursday, September 2, Bolivia will have its first challenge at the summit of La Paz; Then, on Sunday 5, the national team will travel to Paraguay; On Thursday 9th, Colombia hosts Chile. Continuing decisive games to straighten the path to the World Cup.

George Luis Pinto is the perfect man to talk about what is coming to the national team. Meet current coach Reynolds Ruda; Know what the Eliminator is playing; Has World Cup experience; He is a student of the physical and tactical area; Also, he does not wipe words to say what he thinks.

Bread, bread and wine, wine. This is Santanderiano, 68 years old. Therefore, Football He consulted on how he views the national team, the Marbo cycle with local players, the situation of James Rodriguez and other issues.

“Height is not a myth, it is a physiological fact that must be respected. Reynolds Ruda designed his rotation well. Although I do not know what strategy he will use in La Paz, the idea is to change the players according to the height. Tactically it is important to provide them with that information as well. But I can see that Reynolds is looking forward to every detail, ”Pinto assured of the work to be done in Bogota this week.

Would you take the risk of bringing local players to that game with Bolivia, many of whom have no national team experience?

“See. With some players in this image cycle, it can take mixed equipment; Don’t look at the fear of putting inexperienced players in the playoffs; Remember I had Carlos Sanchez and Walter Moreno play against Brazil and Argentina; They introduced themselves to me in the eliminator and they stood alone, ”the Colombian coach recalled.

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Professor Pinto expects to see what comes to Colombia this semester in qualifying exams Ruda “already has a valuable site. He won many things in Copa America. Doubts resolved, What Louis Diaz, Wilmer Perios, Right-wing players … The truth is, it confirmed those suspicions and strengthened a group ”.

Although the big Achilles heel is still left-back position, the problem for Pinto is not serious. Unfortunately getting players to that level is not easy. But historically this has happened: France, Brazil or Argentina suffered and kept the players on the right side at the time. We must continue to work on the search and coordination of players who are not there today, but Reynolds knows how to work.

After Copa America, the question arises as to whether Reynolds Ruda will call the accustomed players ’10’ because they do not need them in his plan. “The level of ten is not one. I don’t know if it’s necessary in modern football. I respect Ruda’s work. I’m not going to interfere or say anything that would undermine his good work. Let’s see who he calls,” Pinto said.

Other than that position, there are players who don’t have a good time.

Edwin Cardona He does a good job on the national team regardless of what happens at his club. It is important to see how the player develops on his team (Boca Juniors) because he needs to constantly express that personality from the coach’s point of view.

About James Rodriguez, George Luis Pinto commented It is “historically No one begged to play for the national team. Let him come when he is ready and in accordance with the requests. James will have his reasons, I hope they will talk (player and coach) and promise. Age, career time, no matter how many achievements they have made, the choice is an honor for anyone. Lothar Matthews or Miroslav Klose, over 34-35 years old, was ‘killed’ for representing their choice.

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Finally, Pinto promised that all three qualifying dates would be different, which is why he expects a greater number of players because the demand in a week will be much stronger.

“There will be a risk of short competition, You should have a very large payroll because 72 hours is not enough recovery time. I know Reynolds will do a great job facing these challenges, ”he pointed out.

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