Ellie De La Cruz IDs against Javier Baez and the Detroit Tigers

Newbie feeling Cincinnati Reds, Ellie Dela Cruz He hasn’t stopped surprising baseball fans since his arrival MajorsOne of his biggest attributes is his impressive pace, which he proved once again on the day vs. Detroit Tigers.

The top of the third innings was an imposing play Comerica ParkAn out on the board Dominican He reached first base after receiving a walk from pitcher Reese Olsen.

Already on the first floor, Ellie Dela Cruz He didn’t wait long and went for the steal. After a nice shot from the catcher to second base, the Dominican Republic man dove into reverse and avoided contact with the glove. Javier BaezI managed to catch the scammer.

Note that earlier JV baseThe Dominican hit a powerful line at shortstop that he couldn’t control and, in addition, the Puerto Rican played Caribbean and was able to get to second base after Ellie’s error, helping to make up for the earlier error.

Ellie De La Cruz’s astonishing number of steals in the major leagues

After receiving a stolen base, the native of Sabana Grande de Boa reached 28 of 36 attempts in the current harvest, a number that may not seem very high, but undoubtedly it is, when more is taken into account. That Ellie Dela Cruz He has played in 86 games in 2023.

For its part, Ronald Acuna JrThe current leader of the field in all MLB With 66, he made 41 frauds in 48 attempts as he reached his 86th match, a remarkable difference, but let’s remember it. Ellie Dela Cruz He is in his first season, which means he will have more confidence in the coming campaigns and will undoubtedly be one of the leaders in the field.

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Without further ado, here’s Ellie’s “revenge” and I leave it to you.

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