Elizabeth Alvarez defends Jorge Salinas after criticism for his physical appearance

For a few weeks now, Jorge Salinas has attracted attention on social networks Because in his latest photos Looks thin. The actor was criticized for his looks.

It all started at his wife Elizabeth Alvarez’s birthday celebration, when he posted a photo on the box in a pink dress. BarbieThere he appears with Jorge Salinas, who wears a blue shirt and is thinner than before.

TOConsidering her new look, users reacted and made several comments pointing out that she is “fierce”.. However, a few days ago Elizabeth shared a family photo where netizens once again criticized Jorge Salinas’ appearance and some users even asked about his health.

Users react to Jorge Salinas’ weight loss / Instagram: @cuquitaoficial_

Elizabeth Alvarez comes to the defense of Jorge Salinas

“What can I say? I believe beauty belongs to the beholder. I love my husband. I think he is very handsome. He seems like an incredible actor to me. He seems to me to be one of the best actors in this country. Whether he is good looking or not good looking is public opinion.Elizabeth Alvarez said Today.

The reporter asked Elizabeth if her husband was attractive, to which the actress replied without hesitation: “Of course, he is my husband. “It was a spectacular feat.”

Elizabeth Alvarez and Jorge Salinas will not celebrate their anniversary

In a couple of weeks The couple have been married for 12 years and Elizabeth and George usually travel every yearBut now They cannot go this way because of their work commitments.Heh

“We always take a solo trip without the kids to see what we can plan this year. That’s why we went on a trip before our novels started. This year we will either have dinner at home or go out for dinner, but we are on a mandatory march with our invitations,” opined the soap opera actress. There is no one like youOr.

Instagram: @cuquitaoficial_

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