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Eliza Marie, the eldest daughter of Geraldine Basson and Gabriel Soto, is taking her first steps in acting. The 12-year-old girl has attracted the attention of the Mexican art scene because she follows in her parents’ footsteps and stands out with her first appearances in popular productions.

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In the second season , In the hit Netflix series, appeared Geraldine Bason, who played Eliza, a daughter and a girl. But she is not alone; Because his little Eliza Marie went with him on this project.

Thus, Elisa Marie His acting debut. Geraldine Basson talks about her daughter’s special participation in the 60th episode of the Netflix series. It should be noted that these recordings were made in Miami, Florida in the middle of last year.

Geraldine Basson and her eldest daughter Elisa Marie. (Photo: Geraldine Bason / Instagram)

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Eliza Marie Choto from “100 Days to Love They” from “If They Leave Us”

After you participate Eliza Marie wants to continue her luck in the acting world and will now play a pivotal role in Delanovela in “If We Were Left”, a remake of the melodramas “Mirada de Mujer” and “Victoria”.

Geraldine Basson revealed on her Instagram account that her daughter will appear in the story, which will air in prime time in Los Estrelos, and that it will star Maron Villanueva and Marcus Arnellos.

The 38-year-old actress shared a photo of herself appearing in a dressing room with her daughter. In the picture, little Eliza is in the middle of a harto session.

Geraldine Bason went with two hashtags with this Instagram story, which made it clear that this visit to the forums was for her daughter’s collaboration, not hers: #Momoger and #new project.

Although he jokingly said he was Eliza’s agent, Bason made it clear that he was not working in that role: “Trust me, I’m not a manager. Thank you, ”he wrote in the photo.

Geraldine Basson and Elisa Marie at the Los Estrelos Channel Forum.  (Photo: Geraldine Bason / Instagram)
Geraldine Basson and Elisa Marie at the Los Estrelos Channel Forum. (Photo: Geraldine Bason / Instagram)

In the same film, the actress includes a note she knows about what a Delanovela is: “Clue: I was in the previous version, in 2007. What is the plan for this?”, The release says.

Geraldine’s fans did not take long to guess the actress’ puzzle, and it was soon revealed that they would be referring to Victoria’s remake, Victoria’s remake, Victoria Raffo and Mauricio Ochmann, if they “left us”. Basan gave life to Paula Mendoza.

Although the actress did not elaborate on how the daughter would be involved, it is clear that she is more serious with Eliza’s acting. Of course, as Geraldine said, this type of collaboration accepts them until they interfere with their daughter’s study.

When Geraldine announced that her daughter would be attending “100 Days to Love”, she told reporters how she managed the girl’s work schedules and studies.

“Of course I already have a scheduled product, I have fewer calls and more per week so she can travel and not miss classes,” she commented when she posted this on Netflix in January last year. The series began in the United States.

Now the “if we have left” product will take place in Mexico, indicating that their calls will be on weekends too, so little Eliza Marie will find it easier to continue her studies normally.

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