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Election candidate Guillermo Lasso congratulated his supporters on February 12 in Quito.STRINGER / Reuters

Ecuador already has solid results in the first round President, But Problems About the election process. The National Election Council was officially inaugurated on Sunday morning, Two weeks after Election Day Feb. 7, for two winners heading to the tiebreaker. Andres Aras, a candidate for the Union for Hope Coalition sponsored by Raphael Korea, The presidency of the Andean country is in contention before the conservative politician of the CREO-PSC on April 11, Guillermo Lasso. Aras won the support of more than three million voters and Lasso won 1.8 million. Finally, the tattooed tribal leader, Yaku Perez, Competing for second place with CREO, by a margin of just 32,600 votes, with more than 11 million Ecuadorians voting in one election.

CNE gives 1,830,045 votes to Guillermo Lasso, compared to the 1,797,445 received by Perez, who has announced he will challenge the outcome of the presidential race before the election-controversial tribunal. Indigenous candidate insists a “fraud” has been committed, which is the expected reaction, but it reflects Tension and insults In the last 15 days between those who refused a pass to the tiebreaker. Guillermo Lasso, the second most popular candidate, issued a warning such as “the intervention of foreign officials” and the partial withdrawal of police at CNE headquarters. It arrived in Ecuador on Sunday with complaints and concerns from both winners and the election administration about requests from the Attorney General’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office to immediately audit the computer system used to process the results.

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A few hours before the full session of the CNE, which was to examine and resolve the challenges of political movements, before announcing the results, the Comptroller’s Office sent a report requesting authorization to access computer equipment to verify computer transparency and prepare a report within 20 days. That request, according to a letter signed by Comptroller General Pablo Celi, was motivated by “many citizen complaints” without giving further details, and should be made “before the second round of elections.”

In parallel, State Attorney General Diana Salazar said a similar request should be met this Sunday at 7.30am, five hours after the results of the first round were announced. In this case, the prosecutor’s office ordered the removal of the database from the computer server in the CNE facility in the framework of the investigation into the transparency of the elections. Its purpose, according to the letter, was to gather information about users who had accessed the computer and to confirm the correctness of the results annotation in minutes in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the last moment for the initial advantage that the tribal candidate had over the returning CREO politician.

CNE President Diana Atmond rejected the demands of the public prosecutor’s office and the Comptroller’s Office, citing the Democratic Code’s Twitter article 16, which prohibits any authority from interfering “directly or indirectly” outside the electoral system. The system that regulates the process or elections.

Attorneys for Andres Aras of the Union for Hope went to the election controversy tribunal in Quito early Sunday morning and filed complaints against the prosecutor’s office and the Comptroller’s Office for their involvement in the election process, which Aras issued a second round of assertion claiming that “possesses computer system audit.” “If they want to reconsider transparency, they don’t need to withdraw teams,” said the candidate who brings together the Corista option. “The handling of the justice and electoral system cannot be allowed to justify the extension of government Lenin Moreno”, He rebuked. In his opinion, the maneuvers of the two regulatory bodies would create a delay in the conduct of the second election rounds, although the Comptroller’s Office estimated that the audit process should not exceed 20 days, with the Attorney General’s Office setting a deadline of 10 days to submit your expert report.

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